30 Day Challenge - The Summary

30 Day Challenge - The Summary

The 30 Day Challenge has been a hugely successful event, with over 11,200 people joining the challenge – doubling last year! 

Throughout the event we have provided useful tips and insights from experts in the recruitment industry.  The aim of the 30 Day Challenge was to help candidates better understand the ins and outs of the job search and encourage them to gain international experience. 

At Europe Language Jobs we believe in the value of gaining experience working abroad – that’s why we help people find jobs abroad using their language skills. 

In the coming weeks we will provide participants with a full 30 Day Challenge guide, covering all of the topics discussed throughout the month. 

Summary of the 30 Day Challenge

In the meantime, we have prepared a summary of what we covered in the event, divided by week: 

Week 1: Getting Started in the Job Search

Day 1: A-Z Of The Reasons Why You Should Consider Working Abroad

We explore A-Z of the reasons why you should consider working abroad. Watch the video and tell us if you agree!

Day 2: Planning your Future

As the saying goes: the best way to predict your future is to write it!

Find out the best ways to plan your future in our blog. 

Day 3: Life Working Abroad

We hear from people working abroad about their experiences and why you should gain international experience. 

Check out their story and what international experience can bring you both personally and professionaly. 


Day 4: How to Nail the Recruitment Process

Our friends from Learnship Networks give us advice on how to nail the recruitment process.

Their advice covers how to write CVs and how to ace a job interview.

Day 5: Most Demanded Skills

Having any of these personal and professional skills can make you more employable.

Find out the most demanded.to find a job this year. 

Day 6: Advice for After Graduation

Life after graduation can be extremely daunting, especially when you enter the job search.

Our advice for after graduation should help you on your way. 

Day 7: Which Language Should I Learn?

Find out which language you should learn and how it can affect your chances of employment. 

We've listed these demanded languages by difficulty, attractiveness and employability.

Week 2: CVs

Day 8: Tips from Recruitment Experts on How to Write the Perfect CV:

Find tips from recruitment experts - courtesy from our friends at Lufthansa inTouch Brno. 

Advice includes common mistakes, what you can do to stand out and how to format your CV!

Day 9: Tailoring your CV to Country

It's important to tailor your CV to the country of the offer that you apply to.

Check out how to tailor your CV to each country.

Day 10: What Recruiters Look For in Your CV

Find out what recruiters look for in your CV to give yourself the best chance of finding a job. 

Not including these aspects can be the difference between passing through to the interview stage or being discarded.

Day 11: Common CV Mistakes

These common mistakes made in CVs can seriously impact your application.

Check out the mistakes... you might be making them!

Day 12: Examples of CVs per Sector

Customising your CV to the sector you are applying to is essential as requirements often differ depending on the industry. 

Here we provide some great examples of CVs per sector.


Day 13: How to Write the Perfect Cover Letter

Having a well-written cover letter is a great way to demonstrate your skills and motivation to a prospective employer.

Check out our tips on what to include.

Day 14: Social Media in the Job Search

You may have not already realised the power of social media in the job search.

We discuss how you can best harness it and which resources are out there. 


Week 3: My Job Prospects


Day 15: Finding a Job Abroad with ExxonMobil 

ExxonMobil in the Czech Republic provide us with expert info on finding a job abroad.

Check out their advice and the opportunities out there in Prague in our blog.

Day 16: The Importance of Networking

We discuss the power of networking - and why it is so important when looking for a job. 

Your connections may be able to play a big part in helping you find a job... 

Day 17: Where Am I in Demand?

We explore the most demanded sectors, languages and countries abroad.

Where will you go to next?

Day 18: Finding Opportunities in Portugal with Sitel

Expert advice from Sitel about opportunities in Portugal and how to nail the application process. 

Sitel are experts in providing customer support for huge brands across the globe.

Day 19: The Dfferent Places Where You Can Put Your CV 

Make sure you have your CV in these places in order to improve your chances of finding a job. 

These sites are a great way to be noticed by recruiters. 


Day 20: Differences Between Employment Platforms

We explore the different platforms out there to find a job.

You can also find out the pros anc cons of each platform and what they mean when looking for a job.


Day 21: Why do People Choose to Relocate?

The number of people relocating abroad is increasing, but what are the reasons behind this?

We discuss the factors making people relocate in Europe.


Week 4: Job Interviews

Day 22:  Job Interview Advice: Before, During and After

Check out our advice on job interviews, for before, during and after.

This advice is great for those about to go to their first job interview!

Day 23: Body Language in Job Interviews

Body language is everything.

The first impression that you give can make or break your chances of being hired.

Day 24: 7 Common Interview Questions and How to Face Them

These 7 common interview questions may be easy to predict, but this does not make them easy to answer.

Our advice should help you prepare for these inevitable questions and how you can face them.

Day 25: The Ins and Outs of The Interview Process

VistaPrint in Germany run us through the ins and outs of the job interview process. 

Their advice includes common mistakes, how to prepare and things to make you stand out. 

Day 26: Difficult Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

These difficult interview questions can trip up even the brightest of candidates.

Our advice should help you best answer them!

Day 27: Group Interview Tips

Group interviews can be daunting for anyone, especially if you are about to attend your first. 

Our advice should help stand out and ace your next one. 

Day 28: What Happens After the Job Interview?

We discuss what happens after the job interview and the importance of follow up.

Following up is a great way to express your motivation and keep yourself fresh in the interviewers mind!

Day 29: The Future of Recruitment

The future of recruitment will mean that both recruiters and candidates will need to adapt their approach.

Find out the developments of the future and how to best prepare.

Day 30: Start Your Job Search

You are now armed with all of the expert information about the ins and outs of the job search.

It's time to kick off your career! Start your job search abroad with Europe Language Jobs.


Thanks for being part of the 30 Day Challenge! We are busy preparing your full 30 DC guide - in the meantime you can start looking for your dream job abroad.