What does the new Europe Language Jobs website mean for you?

What does the new Europe Language Jobs website mean for you?

After months of hard work, we are proud to announce our new website! We have made a number of changes to the website’s look, as well as adding new features to help you find your dream job abroad. 

Introducing our new search system

Finding a job on our site is now faster and easier than ever with our new search system. You can now search for jobs directly from our homepage.

Our system allows you to input all of your chosen requirements, such as location, sector, and language.

This means that it now takes much less time to find the job that you’re looking for as you won’t have to spend time searching through huge lists of offers not relevant to your profile. 

It also enables you to search easily using your phone when you’re on the move.


Let the jobs come to you

Our exclusive algorithm matches you with jobs that fit your profile – so now you don’t have to spend hours looking for a job, they now come to you. You can find these jobs that match your profile in the ‘My Job Matches’ section. 


Filter by your preferences

Our filtering system allows you to quickly and easily narrow down searches to make them more relevant to you. 

You can filter by a wide range of things, such as country, location, or even contract duration. 


We are fully mobile friendly

Our site is also mobile friendly, giving you the opportunity to find a job on the go. Our new search system should save you time allowing you to quickly access your searches from your phone.

We have also improved our site to be more responsive and user friendly, allowing you to easily navigate our site from both desktop and mobile


Apply to offers in one click

Tired of filling out a seemingly endless amount of forms when applying for a job? You can apply to jobs on our site in just one click. 

Faster registration 

Spending lots of time filling in your details can be one of the most frustrating elements of the job search. Registration on our site is very quick, and should only take you around two minutes.

You just need to fill out your profile and upload your CV to start applying to jobs. 


Top brands are hiring through us 

We are working some of the most well-known brands across Europe!

New brands are constantly hiring through us so make sure you keep an eye on our list of vacancies. 


Our new website means that it’s now easier than ever before to find your dream job abroad. Our new design and features should make the process of looking for a job much less stressful and time consuming and allow you to find jobs that match your profile. Why not start looking for language jobs abroad now?