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German Customer Service at Mercedes - Remote from Greece


German-speaking Customer Service Advisor for Mercedes-Benz (Automotive) 

Are you a car enthusiast and want to combine your passion with your career? This opportunity is your fast track to success! #wearehiring

Embark on an exhilarating journey with a team representing Mercedes-Benz, Germany's leading automotive brand known for its cars, buses and trucks. Immerse yourself in the realm of automotive excellence and craftsmanship.


German-speaking automotive customer service advisor for Mercedes (Remote from Greece)

As a German-speaking Customer Service Advisor for Mercedes-Benz, you will be the primary contact for customer inquiries, providing seamless assistance via phone, email and chat.

We aim to nurture your enthusiasm for cars and excellent customer service with this position in sunny Greece. If you are looking for a motivating position that will expand your professional network and enhance your communication skills, buckle up and read on!


Your profile

  • Proficient in German with very good command of English (both spoken and written).
  • A deep-rooted passion for cars
  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Problem-solving mentality and a strong sense of ownership
  • Technical knowledge and willingness to learn
  • Positive and team oriented attitude

Your responsibilities

  • Be the main point of contact for customer inquiries, representing the esteemed brand of cars
  • Utilize phone calls, emails and chats to ensure a smooth customer experience
  • Respond to product and service queries, providing expert advice on a range of automotive related issues
  • Address and resolve issues quickly and professionally, always prioritizing customer satisfaction.
  • Turn every customer interaction into a positive experience!

German Customer Service at Mercedes - Remote from Greece