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German In-house Rater


As an Expert Rater, you are responsible for evaluating and improving AI-generated advertising content by adhering to established guidelines, provide insightful feedback, and participate in consensus-building discussions. You possess a deep understanding of cultural nuances, maintain awareness of current trends, and contribute to enhancing the AI's performance and quality metrics.


Main Responsibilities:

  • Understand and analyze guidelines, providing valuable insights to enhance AI performance.
  • Assess queries following established guidelines, offering feedback and seeking clarity. Queries can include sensitive or “taboo” content.
  • Engage in consensus and norming sessions with global teams, fostering constructive discussions to achieve agreement.
  • Comprehend statistical and quality metrics to drive performance improvement.
  • Stay updated with the latest developments and maintain an ongoing training strategy.
  • Remain culturally aware of current German trends and locale-specific nuances within templates.


  • Analytical Skills: Strong analytical abilities to comprehend guidelines and provide valuable insights for AI enhancement.
  • Communication Proficiency: Excellent communication skills to offer constructive feedback, ask clarifying questions, and engage in global discussions effectively.
  • Continuous Learner: Commitment to staying updated with the latest trends and a proactive approach to ongoing training strategies.
  • Culturally Aware: Awareness of current German trends and the ability to grasp locale-specific nuances within advertising templates.
  • Critical Thinking: Ability to think critically and drive meaningful discussions towards achieving consensus and agreement within diverse teams.
  • Attention to Detail: Strong attention to detail to ensure adherence to guidelines and accurate evaluation of queries, including sensitive content.



  • English B2 and German C1 - Required
  • Oral and written comprehension
  • Appropriate use of language
  • Familiarity with AI technologies and their ethical implementation in advertising systems, with strong grasp of advertising regulations, platform policies, and privacy laws.
  • Proficiency in evaluating and discerning advertising content thoughtfully, recognizing its impact on individuals and society at large.
  • Awareness of ethical considerations in advertising content evaluation, particularly when handling sensitive or controversial material.


Studies & Experience:

  • 1+ years of rating/reviewing content experience - Desirable 
  • Understanding of data labeling, annotation, and evaluation methodologies - Required
  • 1 year of University studies - Desirable   
  • Academic background in any social science or quality role would be a plus

German In-house Rater