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CPM International: Driving Sales and Growth for our Clients for nearly 80 years We are an award-winning international outsourced sales agency specialising in field marketing, contact centre and digital marketing solutions with a proven track record of increasing sales and brand awareness for our clients by using insight to create influence & drive sales.

CPM is in the business of people. It is the essence of what we do - our DNA - delivering our clients brands to their customers through our people with outsourced sales and customer care teams trained specifically for every campaign.

To give an idea of the size & range of activities we undertake on an annual basis;

CPM will deliver more than $3bn of sales for our clients CPM will make over 20mn face-to-face sales calls in retail across the globe CPM will undertake over 150k audits across 40 international markets for our clients Our international multi-channel contact centres will handle more than 20mn inbound and outbound sales & customer care calls this year in 32 languages across 92 international markets. We will carry out over 1.8mn sampling/demonstration days We operate on a single or multi-country basis, on either long term or tactical campaigns.

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