10 Remote Jobs that Pay You to Travel

10 Remote Jobs that Pay You to Travel

Remote Jobs in Europe: Earn Money while Traveling


Working remotely is a trend growing by the day. Companies understand that by hiring remote workers, they reduce their expenses on office space, and they get the same level of effectiveness from their employees. Freelancers can find this article very useful on how to maximize their efficiency.

Workers understand that by getting remote-jobs, they get the flexibility to organize their time according to their needs. They can take care of the kids throughout the day and work evenings.


But most of all, they can travel whenever they get bored with the same surroundings, without leaving their job or getting unpaid leave. Here’s more information on how to make more money online.

By 2025, remote jobs are expected to get on par with fixed office locations. In Ireland, 78% of businesses already have policies for remote work in place.


Companies from other European countries follow the lead. So if you want to travel and work at the same time, remote jobs in Europe can help you reach that goal. What are these jobs? Let’s get to that!


Remote Jobs in Europe: Earn Money while Traveling


1. Online language teacher


You can teach English in European countries. That’s a great idea, but it’s a bit difficult for you to find a job that way. Of course, you need a certificate, but you’ll also have to search for jobs in various schools as you travel.


Different countries have different regulations for foreign workers, so you might want to avoid the headaches and get a job as an online teacher as well. 


There are companies that let you teach English remotely. If you have a certificate, you love the language, and you enjoy communicating with foreigners, that’s the job for you.



2. Online Course Developer


You don’t have a degree in English but you still want to enter the educational industry? You can do that with any degree. Online course developers have remote jobs that allow them to travel all the time. 


With this type of freelance job, you’ll be able to work for companies that develop courses for their employees. But you can also work on your own courses and sell them online. 



3. Freelance Travel Planner


Europe Language Jobs often features freelance travel planner positions in its ads. This is a traveller’s dream job. You get to explore different places and develop guides for people who want to follow in your footsteps. 



4. Travel Blogger


It’s not easy to become a travel blogger who gets paid. First, you have to invest in your trips and become influential in the online community. You want an impressive website with frequent posts and a huge following on social media. 


With time, local businesses from all around Europe will start contacting you for collaboration. These may be airlines, hotels, restaurants, and spa centres that will have you for free in return for promotion.


Of course; you’ll need to contact businesses, too. You’ll offer a chance for collaboration and you’ll work on building connections. 


Mac apps for frequent travellers are essential for this profession. They help you plan the trip, find local businesses, and document the entire experience. 



5. Social Media Influencer


Do you love social media but you don’t want to become a marketing manager? How about becoming influential enough so businesses from all over Europe will want to work with you? You don’t have to be a blogger, although that helps. 


You may be into fashion, fitness, yoga, books… whatever you’re interested in. You can use that interest to develop a strong presence on social media. Travel agencies may start offering you trips for free. But hey; you may also initiate the contact. If your profiles hold great marketing potential, they will be eager to work with you. 



6. Social Media Manager


This is one of the most popular remote jobs at the moment. Every business needs an online presence. Since not all business owners have the time to handle social media, they hire professionals to take care of the marketing process. You can be that expert. 


If you’re not skilled at social media management, you can take online courses. Work on your skills; this is not a job you can do by intuition. It’s demanding, but highly rewarding. 



7. Restaurant Consultant


This is not the type of career you decide to pursue on a whim and get good at it in no time. It takes a lot of work, learning, and dedication. So, if you’re wondering what to study and you want something that lets you travel the world while earning money, this is a great choice!


Restaurant consultants offer professional advice to restaurant teams who want to improve various aspects of their business. They evaluate the current situation, organize training, and develop growth plans. 


It’s not a completely remote job. You’ll have to visit the restaurant and spend some time at the location, so you can analyze the situation. That’s a good thing, since you can travel around Europe to offer restaurant consulting services, and you’ll get paid for that. 



8. Freelance Writer


You can get various types of remote jobs if you’re great at writing. You can be a journalist for a popular magazine or a newspaper. They will pay you to report from different European destinations. But it takes a lot of work and tremendous talent to get there. 


Simple freelance writing jobs are a better option for beginners. You can work for clients through freelancing platforms. You’ll choose gigs based on your qualifications, and you’ll have an ongoing job that finances your trips.  



9. Graphic Designer


Most graphic designer jobs in Europe are remote positions. There’s no need for a company to have a dedicated office space, and there’s no need for a designer to work traditional office hours. Through video conferencing and project management tools, the communication between the graphic designer and the employer is constant. 


If you have this type of job, you’re free to travel anywhere as long as you stay responsible, do your work and meet the deadlines. 



10. Accountant


Accounting is no longer the boring desk job we once knew. The concept of a “cool accountant” is becoming a reality, thanks to the ability to work freelance. You can do this job from any spot in the world, as long as you have a computer with an Internet connection and you are willing to do the correct accounting certifications



Feel Free to Dream Big!


The opportunities for remote jobs in Europe are great! You can go through freelance platforms or job ads that hire remote employees. You can also start your own online business and take it from there. 


The important thing is to keep setting big goals and take steps to achieve them. Nothing can stop you from travelling; you just need to take action.


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