Here are the most frequently asked questions by the users of Europe Language Jobs.
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  • You can register by going to the ‘candidate’ section and filling in the whole candidate sign up form. Enter the security code and then click ‘Send information’ for your registration to be successful.
  • You will receive a confirmation email from Europe Language Jobs. You need to verify your account if not the account will not be active. If the e-mail address is not verified, User’s registration will not be processed and will be cancelled in 72 hours.
  • Yes you can still register even if you only know one language. In many occasions companies ask for just one language in their job offers.
  • When registering using a mobile device you are can enter 4
  • When registering in a computer you can enter 5
  • Once registered you can include more languages.

Your personal account

  • Europe Language Jobs does not charge candidates for registration or applying to job offers.
  • To get a 5 star profile you need provide a complete and detailed information. Upload your CV, and profile picture to be seen by companies. Make sure you have applied for at least one job offer. Moreover, remember to include all your languages and link your social media networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn etc. Also, by adding a cover letter the chances of becoming a 5 star candidate will increase.
  • By providing Europe Language Jobs with your personal data the website is committed by policy to protect and not misuse this information.
  • Europe Language Jobs fully complies with the legislation in terms of protection of data of personal character.
  • To change your account details you need to log in to your account.
  • Once logged you see that all sections of your profile have a green [EDIT] on one side of the titles.
  • To edit your password or email you need to click on the [EDIT] from the ‘General Information’ section.
  • The ‘General Information’ section you change the details you want and click on the ‘save information’ at the end of the page, and this finalizes the process.
  • If the candidate wishes to unsubscribe to our newsletter, the option can be selected at the end of these emails by clicking on ‘unsubscribe’.
  • Or by logging into your profile and selecting the ‘Newsletter’ tab at the top and clicking ‘I do NOT want to receive newsletters’
  • If you continue to receive emails, please contact us at: [email protected]
  • The cover letter is very useful when applying to offers, as it gives the employer an idea of what drives you in life and to choosing particular offers.
  • The cover letter also helps you have a 5 Star profile which many employers find attractive and useful.
  • The level of experience or university degree will depend solely upon the requirements of the offer which has been created by the companies.
  • The offers published currently range from no experience to high experienced positions, and various to no University degrees.
  • When entering your profile you land on ‘My CV’ where the option to ‘delete CV is available on top right hand side.
  • Once deleted you are to upload your current CV.
  • Yes, you can receive job offers to your email from the point you register at Europe Language Jobs.
  • You can disable this option when you go to your profile, go to the ‘Newsletters’ option under the “Services” tab and click on ‘I do NOT want to receive job alerts’.
  • This option can be seen on ‘My Applications’ tab in your profile area, where you will find the jobs you have applied for and their bid status.
  • Log in to your account and go to the tab ‘Services’
  • There you will find a box ‘Delete my account’
  • Note that this action is irreversible and will result in complete deletion of your account.
  • Yes. You can re-register on Europe Language Jobs including registering with the email address you previously used to register.


  • In order to apply for a job offer you must first register online. To register, click on the ‘candidate’ area/tab on the top of the page, and register filling all the required fields. Remember: The more you fill the more attractive your profile will be to employees.
  • Once registered, search for jobs under the ‘Jobs’ section that best suit your skills and requirements, and with one simple click apply to the offers.I haven’t received a confirmation email. What should I do?
  • If you have an account with Europe Language Jobs and you don’t receive a verification email, you need to include in your email addresses the following email: [email protected]
  • Once you have saved the email address you need to request the email to verify your account.
  • No, you can only apply to job offers once you have an uploaded CV in your profile.
  • No, once you have applied to a job, the employer will be notified. You may contact them directly to let them know you are no longer interested in the offer.
  • This means that the company would like a certain level of language skills. If you would like to learn more about the different language levels, please refer to the link below and note that you will need to prove your level when applying for jobs.
  • Please bear in mind that the majority of companies that publish their job offers on Europe Language Jobs prefer to recruit candidates from the European Union. However, some companies are willing to provide a work permit/visa and will specify this in the job offer.
  • If you are not an EU citizen you will need a work permit to work in Europe.
  • Europe Language Jobs is not responsible of providing Visas or work permits for candidates who are not EU citizens.
  • Candidates need to arrange this prior to applying in the website.

Application feedback

  • You will know your application has been successful when you receive an email from Europe Language Jobs confirming the application. (If this fails to happen after 24 hours please email us at [email protected] and explain what happened]
  • If the application process proceeds the company where you have applied will change the status of your application. (Europe Language Jobs does not get involved in this process]
  • However, if the status on your application in the website of Europe Language Jobs has been changed by the company then you will receive an email informing you about the change.
  • ‘In process’ - Your application has been taken into account and is currently being reviewed.
  • ‘Finalist’ - The application has been chosen amongst other(s] candidates to pass to the next step of the application process. At this point the company may contact you for the next step of the process.
  • ‘Discarded’ - The application has been reviewed and considered however, the company has chosen not to process your application any further. This can be due to a lack of suitability or requirements for the position.
  • Note that the time for each step can vary and might take from a few days to months, depending on the recruitment needs and process of the company. Europe Language Jobs does not intervene in any of these steps, other than notifying you of when your application has been updated to any of the above.
  • Yes you will receive an email from the Europe Language Jobs when you apply.
  • If the employer wishes to use the option given by ELj of advancing application processes then the applicant will receive an email informing them of the advancement or declination of an application.

Job search process

  • The Europe Language Jobs webpage is in constant construction. If you encounter any problem or missing options please let us know by emailing us to: [email protected] and we will fix any problems the page may have in order to give you the best possible service.
  • Europe Language Jobs acts as meeting point between candidates and companies and does not intervene in the selection process. For that reason, we do not always know the reasons for the hiring or not of candidates. The companies are at all moments the ones who decide who enters in the selection process.
  • If the company is interested in your application, they may choose to get in contact with you for an interview or to provide more information.
  • We don’t provide emails or contact numbers from any HR department from the companies registered at Europe Language Jobs.


  • RSS allows you to receive on the moment, the new offers that are published in Europe Language Jobs and that coincide with your usual searches. In order to use it you need to have configured your feeds reader.
  • To know more about RSS: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RSS
  • Every offer’s main description page has the option on the top right hand corner to be shared in social medias or email.

Technical Issues

  • The Europe Language Jobs website is compatible with most internet browsers. For optimal navigation of our website, we recommend you to use either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  • If the problem persist please get in touch with our team: [email protected]