3 Side Hustles You Can Start Online

3 Side Hustles You Can Start Online

You might be surprised to hear this, but there are actually many ways to earn a living by just knowing how to speak a foreign language, especially English. While it is a universally known language, there are still a lot of people who are looking to improve their proficiency in speaking and writing for a number of reasons, maily in European countries. Of course, there are also native English speakers who are in need of assistance or would want to learn other languages, such as French and Spanish. The point is, you can get paid for speaking English and essentially other languages you are good at. 

Now that we know we can make money out of our knowledge with foreign languages, what exactly are the jobs and opportunities that we have? If you are looking to start actively engaging in this industry, then the way to go is to do online teaching or tutoring.


Teach a Foreign Language Online

There is no need to venture outdoors or fly to another country just to find language-related jobs because the comfort of your home is already more than perfect. Unlike subjects like mathematics and science, learning a foreign language can be easily and effectively done online. After all, the most effective way to learn a language, whether it be English, French, or Spanish, is by communicating with another person. Memorization would help in expanding your vocabulary, but talking to others will help you become naturally adept at speaking the language, as well as its nuances and slangs!

Another reason why teaching and learning a language online is a great idea is that it is flexible and can fit any person’s lifestyle. That goes for you, the professor, and for those trying to learn, which would be your future students! The thing is, when you start teaching, you will be meeting students not only within your area, but from other countries as well. In fact, there is a great demand for English and Spanish tutors out there.  

With this being said, there are different ways to conduct classes and tutoring sessions online depending on the kind of lifestyle and learning style that you and your students are adept to.


Here are some of them:


1. Online video calls: 

Meeting people over video chat or calls is the most popular way of online English tutoring. Through this, you will get to meet your students face to face and teach them during one on one sessions. As we have mentioned previously, there is a great number of people from Europe who are interested in learning and improving their grasp on the English language. The appeal of tutoring English via video calls is that you can do more than expand your students’ English vocabulary, you could also correct their pronunciation immediately. 

When teaching online via video chat, you will have to arrange just a few things: good lighting, decent noise-cancelling headphones with mic, a functioning HD web camera, and ideally a blank background that leaves no room for distractions.


2. Chat messaging:

Being able to speak English is one thing. Learning how to read, write, and send texts or type-written messages is something else. Unlike English tutoring through video calls, where you teach through oral communication, in chat messaging you will basically get paid to chat in English with other people! The primary focus of this method is to teach your students how to read and write in English where they can be more aware of their grammar, spelling, and word placing. 

Most of the people who you are going to meet in English chat tutoring sessions are those who need to learn how to write emails, formal letters, proposals, and other documents in English. For your part, it will be easier to point out their mistakes and inconsistencies, such as correcting misspelled words and arranging their sentence construction.

3. Share mini courses on your blogs: 

Compared to video calls and chat messaging, posting English courses on your blogs or own websites will not require you to go online during the tutoring sessions. Rather, you will be posting pre-recorded videos of your courses as you go through your lessons and will be available to paid subscribers. While there is no live interaction between you and your students, mini English courses are convenient for people who have a very erratic schedule and cannot possibly commit to a fixed timetable. This can also be very good for you, if you usually have a jam-packed week! Just record yourself during your free time and post it up on your blog or website. The next step is to wait for enrollees and earn some money!


Why is teaching English online a great side hustle?

There are many positives that come with online English tutoring. Aside from getting to meet new and interesting people, you are also able to earn on the side by simply speaking English. Teaching online is also not as stressful as other full time jobs. It is not as demanding and pressuring when it comes to skill, educational background, and talent. Being fluent in English or other foreign languages, such as French and Spanish is enough! Another great benefit is that you get to work from home.

Without having imposing duties and responsibilities, you can definitely pursue English tutoring alongside your other full time job or other projects. The good news is that it is easy to find an online English tutoring job either by yourself with your own blogs, or by joining platforms, such as Preply!

Preply’s online language tutor jobs can help you connect with a gazillion of students in Europe who are looking for an online English tutor. The average rate per hour in Preply is $25, which should help you get by on the daily, especially if you devote at least 3-4 hours to it. By signing up with platforms like Preply, you have already saved time and effort from having to look for people to teach by yourself!


If we are talking about the best part time jobs in the world, signing up for online language teaching jobs is definitely one of them. We hope you enjoyed learning about the 3 side hustles you can start online and earn money from the comfort of your own house!