3 Reasons Why You Need to Change your Job Now and Steps to actualize it

3 Reasons Why You Need to Change your Job Now and Steps to actualize it


Do you feel stuck in your job? Have you been harboring secret thoughts about starting a new career and doing what you have always dreamt of? Now is the time to stop only fantasizing about your dream job and start living it!


Here are the 3 reasons why you need to change your job now:



1. A change in your interests, views, values

Career change is a natural part of life. Statistics show that most people change not only jobs but careers during their lifetime. And many of them more than once. There is nothing wrong with it. People change and the world around us changes, too. What got you enthusiastic about 20 years ago may not necessarily fill you with excitement now. As you go through the years and become a more mature person the world opens up and crosses your doorway in multiple forms. It is inevitable that your experiences and your relationships with other people will have an effect on your interests, likes, dislikes, and your views. And eventually, that will manifest in how you want to see your place in the universe.






2. Leaving behind the routine

Many people feel stuck in their daily jobs especially those who enrolled in the recent immigration recruitment. They can sense that something is not right in their life, that they should make a change, but conformity is often in the way to take action. An established career, a well-paying job is enough for many people to silence that inner voice. But sometimes you have to take risks. Because it tends to pay off and not only on a financial level.







3. Your true vocation, your place in the world

Finding your true vocation, discovering what makes you feel happy and what gives you a sense of filling your role in the world is more gratifying than a big paycheck for your work arriving at the end of every month. With finding and fulfilling your calling the jigsaw pieces of your life will finally fall into place.

A midlife career change often comes from the desire of doing something you love while also contributing to the world, in however a humble way it might be. Do you feel that desire, too? That bone-deep urge to make a change? To start anew? Then do it! Begin with it right now! Take some time out, go to a place for a couple of days perhaps, where you can be alone and think your career through. Make plans for your career change.







Taking the first steps

Assess your strengths and weaknesses, your passions and interests. Prepare a list of what you are good at, what motivates you, what keeps you feel excited. It will narrow down the potential career paths you might want to take.

After finding the dream career that you want to pursue research in the field. What training and qualifications are required to enter this career? What transferable skills, past experiences are helpful to your chosen new career? Networking is also a key factor in career development. Can your existing contacts help you? Can you find a mentor who will guide you through the first steps of a career transition?







The right form of a career change

When you have completed your research, what is left to determine is in which way you want to enter your new career. Do you want to be an employee and apply for a job in your chosen field? Would you prefer to become self-employed and work as a freelancer? Or do you harbor more ambitious plans and want to start your own business?

Another and safer option for entering a new field is in the form of a side job or a side business. During the time of career transition, you might consider starting out your new career as a part-time occupation. As your expertise and reputation grow and you have set foot in your new field, the moment will come to make the switch from part-time to full-time occupation and to shine in your chosen career for years or shall we say decades to come.

So, what do you think? Has the time arrived to make thoughts about a midlife career change and conquer a new field? If the answer is yes, don't hesitate. Start planning ahead and take action!


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