5 Tips for Finding Accommodation in Spain

5 Tips for Finding Accommodation in Spain


Choosing your future home is one of the most important decisions you will make, for the following months of your life depend on it. What you choose will mark your international experience. About 50% of people who relocate internationally have trouble finding accommodation that meets their needs. This post states the main characteristics to take into account, what options there are and where you can find your ideal accommodation easily.

Below, we detail the two most common options for international incomers in Spain:

Shared flats
Renting a room is undoubtedly the most popular option for young professionals. The main characteristics of this choice are:
●    Lower accommodation expenses.
●    Greater freedom.
●    Greater flexibility of dates.
●    Living with students like you.
●    More responsibility in household tasks.
●    More location options close to the Work/University.
●    Offer with different prices.
●    You can invite everyone you want without any problem.


Family houses
It is the least common options, due to the responsibility it implies for the family that takes you in, but it also has positive aspects. The main attributes are:
●    Affordable accommodation prices
●    Very flexible dates
●    Short term stays
●    Living with local people
●    Being able to practice the local language daily
●    Normally, food and cleaning services are included
●    Responsibility in your behaviour and less freedom
●    They don't usually accept visitors

Next, we are going to give you a series of tips that you should know when looking for an accommodation, once you have decided on the type of accommodation that you like most (shared apartment, residence or family house).


1. Beginning the search as soon as possibe

We recommend you to start searching before choosing a definitive destination for your professional experience. The best accommodations (quality/price) get booked fast, therefore, as time goes by the search will be more and more complicated. The easiest and most effective way to commence your search is through the Internet, as we will explain in the following points.


2. Consider you budget

An important aspect that will influence largely the search for your accommodation will be your budget. This is determined by your economic situation and your budget. Once you know this information, your search will be limited and will be more adjusted to your needs. The search tool of Erasmus Play will allow you to filter for accommodation based on your budget, making your search more comfortable, in addition to many other filters based on your needs.


3. Keep in mind the location

Do you feel like living 15km from your workplace/faculty? Having to take 3 buses or 3 underground lines to get to class? Then you have to consider the distance from your home to the Work/University and the distance to the city centre. Having your home closer to the Work/University is crucial. Since you will be spending a lot of days in and out and possibly at alternate times (so you can go home to eat or rest until your next class). On the other hand, look for accommodation that is close to the downtown, which will allow you to make plans and get around quickly and easily.

Other interesting factors to be considered are the distance to essential services, such as shopping centres and supermarkets. Your international student accommodation in Spain must be well located to boost your social and academic life and movement.


4. Use only secure platforms

As we have already said, the easiest way to book accommodation without having to go to the destination city is through the Internet. However, you have to be careful where and with whom you book your accommodation. As many pages are fraudulent, you can end up booking no picture resembling accommodation or non-existing accommodation, and losing the money paid.

We recommend that you only search on 100% secure platforms, that your accommodation is verified and of good quality. Through Erasmus Play, you will be able to find accommodation destined to young professionals. Erasmus Play displays accommodations exclusively from verified platforms, with 100% secure payment gateways, so you will not have to worry about frauds.

5. Compare before you book 

Do you buy the first phone or laptop you see when you go buying? Then do not do the same with your new home. Before you choose your accommodation in Spain, compare as many as you can, the more you compare the better. With this, you will get a better idea of what the market has to offer (quality and price). You will realize what you need, which will allow you to choose your ideal accommodation at the best price. Each online booking platform has its rates for their services, so it is good to compare and consider them.

We know that comparing many accommodations in different platforms can be a tedious work, the platform Erasmus Play was created to solve this problem, in which you can compare with just a click. Once you decide on accommodation, you can book it with our trustworthy platforms, where you will make the booking and payment in total security.

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