5 Tips to Improve Your LinkedIn Presence

5 Tips to Improve Your LinkedIn Presence

Linkedin is the largest professional network in the world. In Spain alone, it has more than 12 million users; the potential of the tool is brilliant if you know how to use it.

Unlike what many people think; Linkedin is not only a job board; the most interesting thing about the tool is how it can help you to generate opportunities, communicate your personal brand or encourage networking; alongside many other benefits.

Getting to know the potential of Linkedin in-depth takes time, but here are some simple tips that will help you to achieve your goal, if you are new in the job landscape, you are transitioning or you are looking for new professional opportunities:


Follow these 5 top tips to help you build a LinkedIn presence that will secure you a job!


  • Cover: Take advantage of the cover of your profile to impact. 

The cover should reflect your professional activity so that you can be easily identifiable. As an example, if you are a social media manager; it could make sense to add a design with some of the most known social media icons; or if you are an architect, it could make sense to add an emblematic architecture work.


  • Summary or About section:

In this section, you should communicate the value you bring, who do you help to and how you can help your buyer persona. Don’t forget to add a call to action. 

Keep in mind that the first 3 lines of your statement are the most important ones since it will be what the person who visits your profile will view if they do not hit the "see more" button.


  • SEO in Linkedin:

The topic of SEO in Linkedin would give for a separate article. The basics to consider would be to define 3 keywords that you are going to use. 

To do this, you need to put yourself in the shoes of who could be interested in searching for you. Use these keywords in your professional headline, in the summary and in your 2 last professional experiences.


  • Skills:

This section of the profile also works with SEO techniques. You can add up to 50 skills and you should try to add longtail keywords that identify your profession, sector or tools in which you are an expert.


  • Add LION’s connections (Linkedin Open Networker):

If you make a search in Linkedin, you will see that some contacts have the word “LION” in their headline. 

LION’s have a very wide network of contacts (some of them also specify the number of contacts).

As Linkedin works through first, second and third-degree contacts; having them as a connection, will automatically mean that their contacts become your second-degree contacts. 

This action will broaden your connections on Linkedin and you will be able to send an invitation to connect to this second-degree contacts.



I hope you find this information useful and that it helps you to improve your Linkedin presence. This blog post has been written by Inés Schvartzman Goldwaser- Headhunter & Career Coach Inés helps professionals through her career coaching program, working with her own proven methodology. 

If you are interested in her services, you can contact her directly: Web


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