6 Amazing Language Facts on International Mother Language Day

6 Amazing Language Facts on International Mother Language Day

Do you love languages? Well we have put together six amazing language facts to mark International Mother Language Day.

The day celebrates the different languages that we speak globally (find out how many below!), most you will never even have heard of. It is held on February 21st  to promote awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity and to promote multilingualism across the world. Languages are what make us human.  

Language is a very important tool for communication and for exchanging emotions, feelings and ideas. The phrase “mother language,” otherwise known as ''mother tongue'' refers to what we are taught at home from birth by our parents—our first language or native language. The mother language is the core of  a person's culture and can even be on of the most employable skills, thus it needs to be preserved especially when some languages across the world are severely endangered and are at risk of being lost in our life time. 


6 amazing language facts

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