7 Tips to Create a Unique Business Card as an Expat

7 Tips to Create a Unique Business Card as an Expat

Being a traveller or not, you will come across people and future employers throughout your journey. Many times, you will meet them in the most random places, such as at the airport, or on a plane, at a concert, at a park, or even in the elevator. It is in those unexpected moments that you will find yourself without a pen or phone battery to write their contact information down after such a great conversation. In those cases, being old style and carrying business cards with you come in handy. Therefore, we’ve decided to share with you our 7 tips to create a unique business card as an expat. 

Although you might think business cards are overrated, you would be surprised by how many people and employers still value them.


Here are our 7 tips to create a unique business card as an expat:

1. Keep in mind that...first impressions do count!

Although you’ve probably heard the saying “don’t judge a book by it’s cover,” most people still tend to develop a first opinion or impression about everything and anything at first sight. We’re humans after all. Consequently, keep this in mind during the process of creating your business card.  


2. Choose the design that best expresses your brand!

This includes the size & shape of your business card, but also the colors, sometimes textures, and anything related to the visual part of it. Bear in mind that it should reflect your company’s brand or your own brand. It will all depend if you’re creating a personal business card or one connected to the company you work for. Either way, make sure to add a special touch to it in order to reinforce your identity.


3. Give it additional uses. 


Giving your business card an additional use could be as simple as adding a comment section behind it, so that people could take notes if they feel the need to. Another way of giving it an additional use, could be making it a magnet, so that the recipient could attach it to their fridge, instead of forgetting about it and throwing it away. Be creative!


4. Make sure your contact information is easy to follow, don’t over complicate it:

A business card should only include specific and short information, such as your full name, title, company’s name, email address, work hours, and phone number. You can decide the order of it and its design to better fit your needs.


5. Do a final spelling check!

Always, and I mean ALWAYS, double check your spelling. If necessary, ask someone or many people to read it over and give you suggestions and first impressions. Make sure to scrimp on legibility -- choosing the correct font and size can definitely make a difference here.



6. Be original!

Don’t worry about trying to make your business card stand out, and there is definitely no need to think too hard. Usually, the simpler the better. There is no shame in being inspired by others and by doing some research on existing cards; However, be original, don’t copy others.


7. Add a QR code:

Almost everyone nowadays utilizes QR codes as a faster and more efficient way of sharing information. If you don’t want to waste money and paper, you can have 1 business card in your wallet with a QR code, which would offer your contact information virtually to anyone you’d share it with.



Remember to always carry your business cards with you, in your wallet, backpack, pocket, and/or purse. You never know when you will encounter new opportunities to network, find a new job, or meet amazing people, and you will definitely not want to miss out on keeping in touch with them. Therefore, we hope our 7 tips to create a unique business card as an expat was useful to you!