7 Reasons Why You Aren't Getting Hired - The Ugly Truth

7 Reasons Why You Aren't Getting Hired - The Ugly Truth

This is the question of the century: “Why am I not getting the job even when I’m qualified for it?” Well, there are multiple deductions we can make here. However, let’s try to bring this down to earth and try to understand what is actually going on. Today, we have brought to you the 7 Reasons Why You Aren’t Getting Hired:

  1. Your CV doesn’t reflect the job offer.

  2. Your CV doesn’t contain the secret words.

  3. Your cover letter is weak or you didn’t add one.

  4. You had a typo in your contact form.

  5. No 2nd interview? Here is why.

  6. You didn’t follow up.

  7. It just wasn't meant to be.


Apart from the fact that every company/recruiter is looking for someone specific, these are the 7 most well-known reasons why candidates are not able to succeed when landing a job. 


1. Your CV doesn’t reflect the job offer.


It is crucial to edit your CV before applying to each and every position! Why? Because all job offers share different requirements, such as different languages, tool knowledge, background, and specific tasks. Therefore, try not to fall into the habit of using the same CV over and over to apply for different vacancies and organizations.

If your resume (or CV) does not express how suitable you are for the role you applied for, then be certain that it will not catch the eye of the recruiter. This document should reflect your expertise and showcase your strengths and understanding of a certain sector.


This being said, if you noticed that you have been applying for multiple opportunities, but have not heard back from any, or have only received negative feedback… your CV might just be the reason why. 


2. Your CV doesn’t contain the secret words.


To follow up on the CV topic, using secret words is key! What does that mean? Using keywords in your resume could be your ticket to your next interview. That’s right!


“But… What do you mean by keywords?” Unfortunately, not many resumes arrive to an actual human nowadays. There are softwares designed to select candidates based on specific words they have chosen to use on their CV. However, don’t worry! Not all companies use this method. It is important, nonetheless, to be aware of all hiring processes.


Therefore if you are asking yourself: “Why am I not getting interviews for jobs I’m qualified for?” The lack of keywords in your resume could be one of them, one of all the 7 reasons why you aren’t getting hired!


Here is how you can fix that:

  • Make sure to use the job title of the offer somewhere in your resume..

  • Try to add a few words used in the job ad.

  • Not sure what words to use? Google and find out what comes out more often in your sector. 


3. Your cover letter is weak or you didn’t add one.


Although not all companies require a cover letter as part of the hiring process, it is a plus to have one. Yes, I know it takes time to write it and that a lot of effort goes into it. This is exactly why it is essential to add one to your application. It will set you apart from other candidates, as it will show the organization that you recognize their value and are willing to spend some of your own time to prove them why and how you’d be an advisable fit for the role. 


If you did add a cover letter to your application, make sure it includes strong action words. Avoid poor vocabulary, such as ‘good’, ‘nice’, and ‘like’. Use these instead:

  • Excellent

  • Valuable

  • Superior

  • Admirable

  • Comparable

  • Confirming


4. You had a typo in your contact form.


You’ve probably heard over a thousand times to triple check your CV and to make sure it is impeccable and typo free before uploading it. No recruiter is pleased to see a typo, especially if they are trying to contact you for an interview, but you seem to have forgotten one number on your cell phone information, or you added a ‘t’ instead of an ‘n’ and now they can’t reach you by email. 


If you've gotten over your resume a few times and everything seems perfect, ask a friend to proofread it as well, or professor/mentor. Trust me when I say that having a typo on your CV does not reflect well on you and will definitely impact your chances of getting an interview for your dream job. 


Let’s not allow a typo to be the reason you did not get hired! Read it again and again; better safe than sorry.


5. No 2nd interview? Here is why.


Okay, so let’s say your 1st interview went ok, but you weren’t selected to continue the process. 


Sadly, that does happen. The most common reasons why are:


  • Maybe you forgot to research the company and weren’t ready to respond to: “what do you know about our organization and why do you think you’re a good fit in this position?” 

  • Maybe your body language didn’t match your facts. At times, applicants apply for a position just for the money and during the interview they try to say they are passionate about it, but body language does  not lie -- unless you are an amazing actor.


Certainly, there are many things that could have happened to prevent you from getting called for a second interview. However, don’t let yourself down! There are plenty of other jobs available in other European countries


6. You didn’t follow up.


“Why am I not getting a job after the interview?” 


Another reason why you might not have gotten hired is because you forgot a tiny, but very important detail - You forgot to follow up after the interview, or after the first screening call. “Oh, but I didn’t know I was supposed to do that” - you might say. Well, all recruiters value a determined person. Following up shows you are extremely interested in the position, and that you value the recruiter’s time in contacting you and considering you for the role. 


Of course, there are many ways you can go when writing your follow up email. Make sure to thank the interviewer for their time & attention, and to show your excitement for the job you applied to. 


7. It just wasn’t meant to be. 


Have you ever heard the sentence: “It just wasn’t meant to be”, or “it’s not you, it’s them?”. Well, at times it is what it is. “But why can’t I get the job I want even if I’m 100% qualified for it?”


We do not always know what a company is precisely looking for (apart from the job description), or if there is another candidate that fits the role better than you do. This is life and we do not always understand why things happen the way they do, but the important thing to remember in this situation is that something better will come up; there are thousands of amazing jobs across Europe waiting for your application. 



After reading the 7 Reasons Why You Aren’t Getting Hired, were you able to spot a specific one that prevented you from landing a job in the past? If so, we are sorry to hear it. Now, you are more than prepared to crush your next application and avoid some of the bummers listed above. Nonetheless, if you have any other advice, please share it with us in the comment section below.