7 Proven Secrets to Acing the Phone Interview for Your Next Internship

7 Proven Secrets to Acing the Phone Interview for Your Next Internship


That big internship interview is coming up fast. It’s understandable to have a few jitters. After all, this is a great opportunity. But don't worry, you’re in good hands here!

There’s no such thing as too much good advice. Here, you’ll find everything you need to ensure you’re primed and ready to take that call.


Get ready to show them what you’ve got because we have seven proven secrets that will help you ace your phone interview and land that internship.


1. Have Everything You Need Ready


First impressions are important, especially when it comes to interviewing for a job or internship. And what’s the best way to make a good first impression? Be prepared! You need to have a copy of your resume and a list of your accomplishments set out in front of you for easy reference. A notepad for taking notes won’t go amiss either. It’s also smart to research the company you’re interviewing for. Familiarize yourself with their business model. Take a look at their company website. Read everything you can get your hands on, even news articles about the company. Make it clear you are committed instead of casual when it comes to getting the internship.


2. Practice Makes Perfect


Don’t overlook the value of practice. Sure, you may not know the exact questions you’ll be asked, but you can at least get more comfortable with the interview process. That’s much better than winging it. Ask someone you trust to help you run through some sample interview questions before the big call. A friend, family member, or counsellor can help you get more comfortable answering on the spot. Whoever conducts your mock interview should be willing to give you notes on your performance. That way, you can improve your answers before the real interview. If possible, record your practice attempts! By watching or listening to yourself, you’ll get a better idea of what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong. It’s a great way to tweak your approach before you ever get on the phone with a company.


3. Ensure Your Phone Connection Is Stable


You do not want to lose your signal right in the middle of your interview. It may not sink your chances of landing the internship, necessarily, but it definitely won’t help them either. A few days before the interview, take some precautions and scout out the place you’re planning to take the call. Make sure it’s nice and quiet. Nothing should disturb you while you’re on the line. Your phone reception is just as important as background noise (possibly even more so). If you’re going to be using your cell phone, test the connection more than once. Have multiple people call you, and hold a conversation long enough to ensure the call won’t be dropped. To be even safer about a stable connection, consider using a landline phone service for your interview. That way, you won’t have any worries about the signal dropping out mid-interview.


4. Keep Some Water Nearby


A sudden bout of dry mouth is the last thing you need to deal with during your interview. On the phone, it’s crucial to keep your voice in pristine condition. Prevent any unwanted distractions by having some water within arm’s reach. Then you’ll be on top of it in the event any coughs pop up while you’re talking. When you’re judged primarily on the way you sound, you can’t take any chances!


5. Be Clear, Concise, and Confident


No mumbling. No rambling. No unnecessary filler words. This is an important interview and you need to be crystal-clear when you speak. Enunciate your words properly. Don’t talk too fast or you may start to slur things together. You don’t want to take too long to answer a single question, either. Your answers should be well thought out and straight to the point. Don’t go off on random tangents. If you must elaborate on anything, they will ask you to go into more detail. Otherwise, keep things short. Remember, confidence is key. You’ve come a long way, so have some faith in yourself and your answers. And try smiling while you speak. Believe it or not, it will actually affect the way you sound to the person on the other end of the line. When you feel good about what you’re saying, it will be evident, even over the phone.


6. Have Your Elevator Pitch Ready


You know it’s coming. It’s inevitable. That one question that’s always asked and always tricky to answer: “Tell me about yourself.” This time you don’t have to struggle with what to say. In fact, you can be totally prepared to answer this question with your elevator pitch. What’s an elevator pitch? Basically, it’s a brief introduction that you could deliver on an elevator ride. It’s short, sweet, and delivers all the points about you that a potential employer is looking for when they ask you about yourself. A well-crafted elevator pitch could make all the difference in you acing this interview. That’s your most dreaded question taken care of!


7. Follow Up with a Thank You


A thank-you note isn’t optional — it’s a necessary part of any phone interview. You definitely don’t want to skip this one. Sending a thank-you note shows that you appreciate the interviewer’s time. It also reinforces your interest in the internship and keeps your name fresh on their minds. Think about writing most of your thank-you note before the interview. You want to send it within a day of your interview, so the interviewer doesn’t have time to forget about you.


Keep going! 

You’re going to do great! Keep your head on straight and your eye on the prize. As long as you follow the tips above, you can’t go wrong. You have everything you need to show your interviewer that you’re the best candidate for the internship. You’re ready for this!


Author bio: Working with Bria, Dominique Daniels has more than five years of experience in the multifamily industry. In her free time, you will find her enjoying life on the Lake and spending time with friends.