Build the Perfect Online Profile to Attract Employers

Build the Perfect Online Profile to Attract Employers


How to build the perfect online profile to attract the most suitable employers


Are you ‘out of luck’ in your job search?

Do you feel your career prospects becoming hazy?

Or are you simply finding it difficult to choose which jobs to apply for?

Help is at hand!  We can help the right employers find you... all by following the simple steps below! (Plus the images are fun, you’ll enjoy it, trust me.)

If you’re not yet convinced that this is the way to boost your job search, click here to find out the key reasons to optimise your online job-hunt.

But without further ado, here’s how to build the perfect candidate profile:

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1.       Be sure to include the most important information, so that employers don’t have to dig for it

Registration page

Add more information - CV advice


2.       Your profile will be more prominent in the Candidate Search as you earn points for filling in information

Earn profile points

Improve your profile


3.       Make sure you have filled out your preferences, and your perfect jobs will appear automatically

Get job matches


4.        Be aware of ‘keywords’ and take advantage of opportunities to draw employers to your profile by using them wisely

The importance of keywords


5.       View your profile as a whole: remember that this is how recruiters will first be introduced to you before seeing your CV etc.

 The importance of keywords

Once you’ve completed all of these steps, you can simply sit back and enjoy a simpler job search.

By all means, keep applying for jobs (your profile will earn value for being active as well) but you could also be contacted by your dream employer to take that ever-important step in your career.

Don’t get left behind; build the perfect candidate profile now by clicking here or on the 'Login' button above!

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