Companies Publishing Language Jobs in Europe

Companies Publishing Language Jobs in Europe

Europe Language Jobs aim is to help job seekers with language skills find an internship or Junior-Mid Level position in Europe. We work as a meeting point between companies looking for multilingual speakers and candidates willing to relocate and have an experience abroadIn this article we will discuss the type of companies publishing language jobs in Europe which sectors have highest needs and which countries are popular with candidates for relocation. We will also discuss reasons why companies need multilingual speakers more and more and show how this is a great time for multilingual candidates to find work.



More than 2500 companies are publishing their multilingual vacancies with Europe Language Jobs in over 49 countries so as you can see, jobs for multilingual speakers are in great supply! Have you ever wondered who these companies are who need multilingual speakers? Where they’re based, in which sectors and what they’re looking for? In this article we will discuss these questions and find out about the companies publishing on Europe Language Jobs. 

Firstly, we split our clients into two types on our website; recruitment agencies and direct employers.



International and well-known recruitment agencies like Adecco, CPL JobsKelly Services, Manpower, and Randstad from different countries are publishing their job offers on our website to attract multilingual speakers. Besides that we also work with smaller local agencies to find the best candidates for their clients.



Most of our direct employers have one or more of the following characteristics:

•    Multinational
•    BPO
•    SSC



It might seem obvious but multinationals need multilingual candidates , a company based in England that has regular contact with a supplier in Germany needs English & German speaking staff (as does the supplier) something we’ve discussed previously in another article involving multinationals and the importance of languages in communication. Working in a worldwide enterprise has a lot of advantages to candidates:

•    You are a part of a multicultural team and they can offer you the opportunity to work abroad. It is a great opportunity to discover new cultures, different values and you will learn about their impact on business.

•    They are the influencers of the worldwell-known brands looks great on your CV.

•    Most multinationals are able to offer graduate programs; a great way to kick-start start to your career. Besides that they offer different kinds of jobs, there are good career prospects; they are stable employers and there are opportunities to grow within the company.

•    There is a budget for advanced technology and they will invest in innovation.

•    They will have a social responsibility program.

•    Vast resources and connections mean multinationals can offer you good benefits and conditions.

You can find job offers from AppenCognizant, Concentrix, DHL, EIMSFujitsu, KPMG Global Services HUNGARYSykes, TeamViewer, VistaprintXerox and Zebra Technologies on our website and we add new partners every day. If you still aren't convinced and have some doubts about working for a multinational, please check our blog on this topic with some pros and cons. 


BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing. A multilingual BPO organization is responsible for performing a process (for example of customer service or finance) of another company. The main benefits of outsourcing to a third party are cost efficiency and improving the quality of services. Offshore outsourcing is becoming more popular nowadays. Some of the BPO’s advertising on Europe Language Jobs are ComdataCPM, Concentrix, ConduentMajorel, Sellbytel, Sitel, SutherlandTeleperformance, TTEC, TELUS International and Webhelp.  


Shared Services Centre, this part of the company is responsible for the performance of specific operational tasks such as customer service and finance related matters. The main benefits of setting up a Shared Services Center are cost efficiency and improvements to the quality of services.

Multilingual candidates german english nordic speakers



As already mentioned before, companies publishing on our website are active in different sectors. In order to help refine searches and make the process easier for candidates we divide our job offers into sectors.

The required languages in each sector varies by company for example there is currently a very high demand for Nordic speakers in customer service, meaning anyone who is able to speak Swedish, Norwegian, Danish or Finnish will find themselves in great demand on our website. This could change in other sectors for example  we currently have an enormous demand for German speaking candidates in IT!

•    Sales & Marketing
Want to earn commissions for your hard work or develop creative projects to help your company reach a wider audience? A position in sales or marketing could be the place for you. Content writer, Business Development Specialist, Digital Marketing coordinator etc.; you will find hundreds of vacancies in Sales & Marketing on our website!

•    Information Technology
There is a high demand for people who want to work in IT and the money is great. working in IT often means you are able to work remotely meaning you can work at your own pace, working from home or a nice cafe! Anyone with experience in IT will be aware of the problems you'll face, but if you enjoy a challenge and step-by-step fixing problems with websites, coding etc IT could be the industry for you. You will find multilingual IT jobs from Johnson Contols and OKIN BPS and many more companies! 

•    Finance
Lucrative compensation and logical problem solving, if this sounds interesting to you then a career in finance could be the best move you could make. Companies like Nordea, Paypal and TransferWise are publishing their Finance positions on 

•    Customer Service
Do you enjoy dealing with people? Customer service roles usually part of loud, jovial groups who get to to chat and enjoy their time at work while helping customers. Almost 50% of the ELJ offers are Customer Service positions and what we often see is that candidates are not always aware of the advantages of a job in Customer Service: If you would like to learn more about this topic, please check our blog



So which industries do our partner companies work in?

•    Food and Drink
The food and drink industry is a great one to work in, for example according to Whatuni the food and drink industry is the UK's largest manufacturing sector and there is a steady demand for candidates in the industry. You want to work for the worlds best-known brands? And of course you get to enjoy these products yourself! Tesco are publishing their job offers on our website. 

•    Automotive industry & car related companies
Do you like technology, innovation, cars and customer service? This industry has a wide variety of positions with great entry level opportunities to get yourself into the company, learn valuable skills and move up the ladder. Why don’t you consider a job in the automotive industry? Attending a Cicero car auction can provide valuable insights into the latest trends in the automotive industry and help you network with professionals in the field. We work together with Avis Budget Group, Uber and Volvo Group.

•    Fashion & Shopping
Fashion is your passion? Do you enjoy being surrounded by creative people? DO you enjoy the glamour, the clothes and the hustle and bustle of a gogogo industry? A great industry to meet people and make contacts to help your progression, no two days are the same in the fashion industry and theres always the chance of a few freebies! You will find job offers in H&M on our website and some of our BPO companies are working for Europe most famous fashion brands!

•    Gaming & Gambling
You love gaming and your dream job is game tester? It's important to have a keen eye for detail in this field but if you're interested in gaming and wonder what comes next this could be the industry for you. You will find hundreds of jobs in gaming & gambling our website for example from Betting Connections, TestronicThe Stars Group, and William Hill.

•    Tourism
Want to meet new people every day and become an expert in your field? You can share your passion for activities or places with others and interestingly. tourism is a growth industry, a $582-billion industry!  If this sounds good then working for a company like Air France – KLM or Lufthansa could be for you. Head to their company page and find the perfect position for you. 

Multilingual vacancies at ELJ



Our companies are based in 49 countries, let’s review our most popular areas.

Location often boils down to personal preference according to what you're looking for at a certain point. If you're looking for warm weather and relaxed lifestyle without the hustle and bustle of a 9-5, Southern Europe is the place for you. If your priority is more towards your career rather than a relaxed lifestyle then head to the U.K or Central Europe where salaries are higher!

  • Ireland & The United Kingdom

The classic choice when thinking about moving abroad– and still going strong! The United Kingdom and Ireland are always a good option: many European multilingual candidates are being recruited right now throughout the British Isles. 

  • The Netherlands & Germany

Who doesn’t want to spend time in Amsterdam or Berlin? There is a low unemployment rate in The Netherlands and in Germany with high salaries on par, sometimes even better than in Northern Europe. Do you harbor doubts because of your Dutch or German language skills? Nothing to worry about, The Netherlands and Germany are both in the top 10 of European countries which are best in English as a second language

  • Southern Europe

Have you ever wanted to work in sunny Barcelona? Lisbon, Madrid or Athens near the beach and enjoying the Mediterranean food and lifestyle? Of course you have, who doesn't want that at some point?! Well, the smartest thing you can do is take advantage of the job search filter, you can refine your search to include only those places you are interested in so if you want to live in a place where you can finish work and head down to the beach with some friends or go for an after-work coffee or beer on a terrace, there is a very high number of vacancies in Spain, Portugal, Greece and Malta for you to take your pick from! 

  • Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is becoming more and more popular. Tourists are finding their way to this part of Europe and Multinationals, BPO’s and Shared Services Centres are as well. You will find hundreds of job offers in Bulgaria, Czech Republic or Poland and the number of companies and offers in Hungary and Romania are also increasing fast. Take a look at those offers; I am sure you will be surprised!


Countries With Multilingual Vacancies



Which languages do the companies publishing on our website need? Let’s clarify something: most of the companies are looking for native speakers who are willing to relocate. 

  • English is a mandatory language for candidates on our website, companies usually want to combine English and a second language to fill their multilingual vacancies. English being the common business language for Europe means there is always a high demand for English speakers.
  • German is the second most popular language that companies need to fill their vacancies. It is likely due to the strong German economy that there is such a high demand for German speakers, companies want to do business with German companies and as such, must speak German so German speaking candidates are in high demand.
  • Dutch speakers continue to be in high demand and any Dutch speakers find themselves subject to a lot of interest as many Dutch people are able to boast Dutch, English & German language skills. In a time when there is a concern in The Netherlands regarding The Death of Dutch, candidates with these skills will always be in demand.
  • Nordic languages are in high demand in sectors such as customer service and business development, similar to the Dutch, as discussed in a previous article we can see that around 70% of the population in Scandinavia are capable of speaking English in addition to their native language and quite often are able to speak a third language.

It's not only the languages I've mentioned that are in demand French, Portuguese and Italian experience consistent demand with job offers all over Europe for anyone speaking these languages. Central and Eastern European languages are experiencing an increase in demand due to improvements in their economy, particularly for Polish and Czech speakers.

As you can see from the infographic below, there is a good matchup between what our companies require and the candidates we provide, around 90% of the multilingual vacancies companies publish with Europe Language Jobs require English so it makes sense that 92% of our candidates are able to speak English. You will also notice that German and Nordic languages in particular are languages that not so many candidates possess, but do you remember earlier when we discussed the enormous demand for German speakers and Nordic speakers? But what does this mean for you? OPPORTUNITY! If the jobs are in abundance but the competition isn't - you're in a great position to find a job right? RIGHT!


Our Multilingual Candidates

In conclusion we can see that multilingual jobs are in high demand in a variety of sectors and jobs for multilingual speakers are in great abundance on the Europe Language Jobs site. We help multilingual speakers and companies looking to fill multilingual vacancies find each other so if you are able to add any of the language skills we mentioned to your CV you can see from this article that you are in a fantastic position to get yourself a new job in the industry of your choice!