Easy Ways To Boost Your Productivity

Easy Ways To Boost Your Productivity


Easy ways to boost your productivity. The title pretty much covers the intro for this article, I’ll try to give you a few actionable tips that are really easy to implement with very little effort on your part but will make a big difference to your productivity. I´m not going to tell you to try harder or put in more hours, so don´t worry, it´s about doing more in less time, leaving you with more free time.

Whether you´re a student who could do with a little boost for assignments, a professional with a hectic work schedule & personal life or a job seeker, I hope these little tips help you as much as they have helped me, they helped me get my Masters while holding a full-time job & continue to help me maintain a packed professional & personal life today.

I must add: Even if they seem obvious, just give them a try for one week, let me know what you think then

1)    Make a plan for what you want to get done by the end of the day

It´s important that the goals you set yourself are controlled by you and not external forces. 
Example below if you´re not sure what I mean by this.

Internal: I control it

One of my goals today was to write this article and publish it on the site, I am in complete control of this and so can tick it off when I´m done.

External: I influence but don´t control it

Another target of mine would be for the article to receive at least 800 views by midnight, whilst I can influence this by writing well, publishing at optimum time and in various places, it is an external goal that I don´t control and so it won´t be on my list of tasks for the day.

Set internally controlled targets for the day

For Students: 3000 word assignment seem like too much? Tick off 200 words a day and it´s done in two weeks. A target of 200 words makes enough of a dent into the assignment without seeming to be a big task for you, you´ll often find that once you get into it you´ll do much more than your target and finish early, meaning you can refine, refine, refine and get an easy A (no more essay stress staying in the library the night before its due in). You can still even go out and have plenty of time to enjoy everything Uni life has to offer and easily get a First.

For Professionals: I find this one particularly helpful to check over my productivity for the day/week and in weekly meetings when each team member has to account for our activities.

For Job Seekers: Are you wasting your day ´job searching´ but mostly looking at YouTube videos? We´re not machines and get distracted, this just helps you to refocus and be accountable to yourself.


2)    Temporarily turn off your Wi-Fi

I´m sorry if you´ve seen this somewhere else before, I hate repeating things that we all know, but good advice is good advice and turning the Wi-Fi off on your phone really does make a difference. As I´m writing this I´ve turned the internet on my phone off because I realized I was in about 3 conversations that could wait & checking Instagram posts of what my friends are having for lunch that can certainly wait…and yet I check my phone anyway…A really annoying and unproductive habit.

For Students, Professionals & Job Seekers: In having the phone on, the article open and a plethora of other options available it can be difficult to devote 100% of your considerable brainpower to the task at hand. So yes maybe you´re spending 3 hours working on your essay/project/job search but wouldn´t it be better to go at it 100% for an hour or hour and a half, produce quality work you feel proud of and then have the rest of the time free to do whatever you want?


3)    Exercise can easily boost your work performance

This one isn´t for everyone (and isn´t for me either some days) but a workout can really boost your productivity, it might sound weird because surely you´d be tired right? It just feels good to exercise (sometimes) and to have accomplished something beneficial to you. It´s easier for me because I have a German Shepherd that forces me to get out of bed/off the couch and run every day so maybe that´s the answer…everyone get a German Shepherd?


Exercise can easily boost your work performance

4)    Don´t wait to be in the mood to get your best work done

´I work best when I´m in the mood for it/in the morning/at night/after this break´ I was guilty of this myself and wasted so much time. Sure, some tasks are better performed when you´re experiencing something akin to flow, however the majority of tasks you perform each day can be completed without you waiting for ´optimum conditions´.

So just get on with it, sometimes you´ll get into it, enjoy it and get great work done and sometimes you won´t be feeling it at all, but at least you´ll have made a dent in your workload!


5)    Your surroundings can influence your productivity


´A cluttered desk means a cluttered mind, an empty desk is an… empty mind..´ Michael Scott 2008.

your surroundings can influence your productivity2


Whilst Michael didn´t quite get it right he was almost there, organization, a clear desk/surroundings can certainly help you to focus and be more productive. I always get more done after I tidy my workspace whether it’s at the office or at home, I´m not sure if it´s similar to exercise in that you feel good after you do it and so that spurs you on to do some great work... 

Well that´s it, any other tips would be the bog standard one line ´drink water´, ´try to focus´ tips that I don´t feel would be very beneficial to you so that´s our list of easy ways to boost your productivity that work for me and I´m sure it´ll work for you too so remember, work smarter, not harder.  If you want to continue with the self improvement, take a look at 9 Common interview mistakes so that you never make them again or Why Finding a Job Abroad is Awesome, but most importantly, remember to put these tips into action!

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