Interview Advice: Before, During & After

Interview Advice: Before, During & After


What to Do Before A Job Interview

1. Resume writing:

It´s very crucial for you to understand that your interview starts before you attend it. Yes, sounds crazy I know, but the ground work you do before will determine the success further on. 
And this first steps starts with you writing your resume. Think of it as one of the most important tools in your interview. 
Key thing to remember – keep it short, sweet, to the point, full of industry keywords. Capture every key skill, qualification and educational background, stress on languages and additional certificates, the more the better, it´s a competitive world out there and it´s every resume for itself.  

2. Do your company research:

Speaking of laying the groundwork, make sure you dedicate enough time 
to researching the company and by that I don´t mean what they do, but mission, vision, objectives, future plans, any pain point that you can identify to help them solve will be beneficial knowledge for you. Give yourself a challenge and try to find out what their inspiration and challenge is…

3. Ask for a referral :

I read something recently which as much as  I found a bit harsh it made a lot of sense – While you´re there sending your CV to companies, applying through websites etc, someone is already interviewing for your position, because an inside employee has referred them. Once again we reach the topic of  the importance of networking. Make use of every social media tool, event and networking ability you have to grow your network, until you can ask for inside referral with ease. Chances are your CV is going straight through the hiring manager that way.  

4. Dress professionally:

This one is probably something you have already learned, dress for the job you want. While it´s good to investigate the company´s culture and if their dresscode is not suit and tie, it´s nice to look on the sharp side to make a good first impression.
Make sure you prep your clothes the night before so you avoid the morning hastle and save some extra time. These annoying advices from your mom back in the days are finally coming in handy eh? 

5. Prepare a check list:

Keeping everything organised will help you calm down these pre-interview nerves coming up slowly on the surface. Make a checklist of everything you would like to say to present yourself the best possible way, work experience you would like to stress on, achievements, answers to tough questions you might come across. 
polished shoes, photocopies and photographs, resume preparation, go through previous interview question if available in online websites


What to Do After An Interview?

1. Take matters in your hands:

Interview is over so that´s it, now the ball is in their court right? Wrong. 
A lot of candidates don´t go further in the interview process simply because they don´t show enough initiative. Finish it in an active way! Thank the interviewers, follow up with an e-mail, saying once again how excited you are about the opportunity and why you are a good fit to the company. You are selling yourself from the start to the finish line, do it well. 

2. Follow  up:

Contact the person whose name mentioned in the interview as a reference. Share the interview experience with that person and gather some information about the company details, how helpful he/she can be to get this job. Even if this one doesn´t work out, they might keep the door open for you for new ones, which are a better fit. 

3. Don´t be hasty:

Don´t be impatient and wait for the recruiters to follow up with the feedback of your interview. It might take a few days, it might take a week, trust in the process and take it step by step. Once they contact you back, no matter the outcome thank them for their help. 

4. Make the most of it:

Worst case scenario the interview didn´t work out and someone else was selected to go forward. Your options are between sitting depressed at home jobless or truly making the most of your recent experience. Every interview is experience, make sure you remember that. Instead of beating yourself down take this time to note down the power facts, what you did good, area to improve, how you would approach things differently next time so you are the candidate selected. No matter what status or career goal you reach, you are a working process, everyone is from start to finish. 

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