Making Hiring Easier With Job Matching

Making Hiring Easier With Job Matching

Finding the right candidate is an extremely difficult task - possibly as hard as finding a job. People now spend less time searching for jobs and instead they are looking for an instant solution and waiting for the right job to appear on their feed. As a job board, we understand that dealing with the job search filters and applying for positions in different countries is a complex and time-consuming task.

We want to make this task easier for both candidates and companies and therefore we are introducing a new feature: the job matching which connects candidates with jobs directly.


How does it work?

When the applicant fills in their details, our algorhytm crawls the job database to find the most suitable offers.

Right after logging in, the candidate will see a list of vacancies which are the best matches according to their language skills and experience. This means the job search for applicants will be considerably quicker and more efficient.

We always encourage candidates to fill their profile in with as much detail as possible. This includes their languages, skills, as well as current and previous job experience.


What does it mean for you as an employer?

Firstly, introducing matching means more candidates per job offer, because instead of applicants having to filter jobs, the right jobs will be picked for them automatically. This will help your company gain better visibility and attract more candidates.

However, the quantity of candidates is not the only benefit. As the job matching is based on skills, languages and work experience, the candidates that will see your job offers in their matching list will be the most relevant applicants for the position.


How can you take advantage?

The good news is that all your job offers are part of the matching system automatically!

In order to get the most out of the job matching, it is important to make sure that your job offers are written correctly so that the matching is as accurate as possible:


  1. Make sure the language settings are set right: Remember setting a language as ´mandatory‘ means that only a candidate who speaks it at required level can apply!

 If you are looking for one OR another language, both need to be marked as ´not mandatory‘, so candidates that only speak one of them are able to hit apply!


  1. Write your title right: Short titles and titles such as ´Great career opportunity, apply now!‘ won’t work well with job matching. That’s because our system analyses your title in order to find candidates with the right job experience and the right language. This information should therefore, be mentioned in the title.


  1. Don’t forget about skills in the job offer: Skills are one of the most essential parts of the job offer and are even more important than picking the sector in which the job offer is. Skills serve as keywords and will help you to find the right candidates. You can list a maximum of 10 skills and we advise you to list between 4 to 10 of them.


  1. Set your location right: We offer candidates an option to filter jobs according to the desired country and city. This helps candidates who have their hearts set on particular place, but it also helps companies to make sure that they will be discovered by these applicants. However, in order to fill the city field correctly, you need to choose from the options in the drop down menu when typing into the box. This way there will be no confusion between jobs in Lisboa and Lisbon or Praha and Prague and the candiates can discover your offers easier.


  1. Go into the details: The more you are going to specify in your job offer, the better results you get. Make sure you describe the job correctly and in detail, list the requirements and write something about the offered benefits. Not only the algorythm will work better for you, the candidates will appreciate the effort as well.


Constantly improving website

We are constantly improving our algorythms and making sure everything on our website works perfectly. We are also always adding other features as well – now you can add the exact salary range to your offers and make sure you and your candidates are on the same page when it comes to the paychecks. Also, have you noticed a tab called ´Candidates‘ in your account? We created it to make sure that you have a list of all of your applicants, regardless of what offer they applied for.


The future of recruitment will continue to be full of innovation. Here, at Europe Language Jobs, we stay up to date and we make sure to provide the best quality service for companies. That’s why we are introducing matching as an automatic service for all companies and we will make sure that your offers will be visible, well-written and attractive to candidates. For any questions regarding the matching, feel free to contact your account manager!