Robots replacing recruiters may be sound a little farfetched but in an age that has all but seen the death of physically handing in applications nothing, it seems, is impossible.

Nowadays, most of the 18-34 year olds will find a job online and even on social media, generally using a mobile device. It is easy to register and apply through social media and the average number of positions that each candidate applies to has risen dramatically. 

Video interviews and online tests are more and more common as well. These are all time-saving developments and the duration of the recruitment process is decreasing.
Besides that we are working in a candidate-driven market and switching jobs has become much more common. We feel the need to speed up the hiring process. Candidates come and go in the blink of an eye. 

A human always makes the final decision on whether a candidate is hired or not, but everything that comes before can be done by a robot, which can now review applications. It is now common place for Artificial Intelligence to do a lot of the sourcing, screening and matching candidates.

Recruitment is undergoing a period of rapid and dramatic change, and this raises the question: 


Marketeers and robots replacing recruiters: reality of ridiculous?


Branding, Social Media, gamification, SEO and e-mail marketing are all becoming part of the deal if you work in talent acquisition. Every profession is evolving and more rapidly than ever before. We work in a results-driven world. Time is money and we feel the increasing need to measure and to analyse.

In my opinion marketeers will not necessarily replace recruiters. It is all about building relationships and that is exactly where marketing and talent acquisition overlap.

Nowadays the recruiters in HR must use the same tools and techniques as their colleagues in Marketing, who in turn must assume some responsibility when it comes to company branding to attract potential employees. 

Employing these new strategies can be the difference between attracting good candidates and the best candidates. 

Data tells a story: a marketing oriented recruiter saves time and improves his/her results



Robot recruiters may or may not be too far away but in this era of extreme technological advancement the latest development is sourcing, screening and matching which, nowadays, is often done by a robot.

Robots are not replacing recruiters but accelerating the hiring process. Saving time (for recruiters and candidates alike) sounds like a win-win situation. 

But not everybody is enthusiastic about this; after all, recruitment is a specialisation of “Human” Resources. It almost sounds contradictory, as a company culture is extremely important for most 18-34 year olds and how can a robot transmit an organisation’s culture to applicants? 

Let’s take a look at some conclusions of companies using artificial intelligence:

•    Better applicants for less cost, time and effort
•    Increases diversity 
•    Enhance candidates’ experience
•    Access to more statistics

A robot cannot replace sincere and genuine human interest and judgment. However we can use Artificial Intelligence to enhance human aptitude and efficiency.

Using AI, recruiters have more time for strategic hiring and building relationships, while at the same time, the statistics help them to communicate with the managers involved


Recruitment as a more corporate mission 

The actual crux of this matter is to implement marketing and AI correctly. It is all about how employers present their workplace to the outside world and how you translate this into a computer algorithm.

Like always, the quality of output is determined by the quality of the input.

Recruitment will be a more corporate mission and a common responsibility in the near future. The engagement of the management will be mandatory in successful organisations. Time and money are required investments in a project like this. 

Most of all, the management must be the driving force behind this cultural change required to thrive in this world.

This is not an easy job, but if your company is prepared to innovate then this new era of recruitment could be a golden opportunity!