Relocate To Malta With Mr. Green

Relocate To Malta With Mr. Green

Are you considering relocating to Malta because you’ve been drawn by the climate and lifestyle on this small, but multi-cultural Mediterranean island? Malta has many things to offer, starting from its rich history and the mix of Arabic, Italian and British influences.  The sandy beaches make it the perfect place to enjoy the warm days in a quite blended community. We put together important information explaining the Maltese culture, way of living and aspects that should be taken into consideration when relocating to Malta.


Learn more about working for Mr. Green

Mr. Green is an iGaming company based in Sliema, on the east coast of Malta, and is a partner of Relocation Week. Along with Sophie Colbeck, Talent Acquisition Manager at Mr. Green, we wanted to share important information explaining the Maltese culture and to give some suggestions regarding moving to Malta and an insight into their activity at Mr. Green.

Mr. Green really values its employees and tries to provide them with the best experience and chance to grow within the company. For example, in the customer service department, they offer an in-house training programme called The Ultimate Employee Journey. This programme focuses on giving the staff a chance to grow, in the same way, that Mr. Green offers customers a great experience.

This training offers a series of stages so that employees develop a full understanding of customer operations. All customer service specialists start in the Mr. Green Academy and progress to the final Platinum tier where they are then ready for their next adventure. Employees can then decide which path to take within the company, whether it’s as a Team Leader, Shift Leader or in a role in the Training Department. 

Pyramid of Mr. Green

1. Can you tell us something about Mr Green and its goals and values as a company?

Our core value is to ’Shape the future of the iGaming Industry’ within a Green Gaming environment. We value responsibility that is why we launched the ‘Green Gaming predictive tool’. This helps players to keep track of their behaviour and to help detect if healthy playing is moving into the risk zone. We are big supporters of internal growth, promotion and really value our employees. Approximately, 25% of our vacancies are filled internally. We take training and development very seriously, hence we in-house training and development programmes, ranging from ‘The Ultimate Employee Journey’ in Customer Service, to a Leadership Management course. We really value charity work, for this reason, we also support a month salary if someone wants to go anywhere in the world and do charity work. We provide this on top of the holiday pay so that you get that month paid and you go and volunteer.


2. What is the working environment like at Mr. Green?

The offices are modern, open-plan, and offer a friendly, welcoming environment. We have a lounge area with a Sea View Terrace, Football tables, PlayStation and Swings. We are a multi-cultural team of highly-skilled, hard-working people but we also certainly know how to have fun and party!


3. What are the main benefits of working with Mr. Green?

Mr. Green is a company that values its employees and supports an organisational culture, therefore they offer a range of activities, such as:

  • Free breakfast;
  • Lunch one a week provided by caterers;
  • 250€ sports allowance per annum that can be used towards Gym/Sports Memberships or Sports equipment;
  • Private health care, including dental care;
  • Partnerships with housing agencies offering discounts;


Our Relocation Package includes the cover of the flight up to 200€ which is refunded after passing 6-month probation. We arrange a taxi to pick you upon arrival at the airport and take you to the company’s apartment which we provide for two weeks of free accommodation.

4. Why do you think potential candidates should move to Malta?


  • A small, beautiful island with a lot to offer;
  • English speaking (98% of people speak English);
  • Beautiful beaches and sea;
  • Nice restaurants and bars;
  • Multicultural environment;
  • A lot of opportunities for activities;


5. What about the disadvantages of living in Malta?

There are some disadvantages of Malta which would be the traffic, it’s a small island and the traffic can be quite busy at rush hour. The rental prices can be quite high, it’s not the most affordable place to rent a property. If you are looking to live in Sliema, where our offices are based, it can be 650€ to 800€ for a one-bedroom apartment, but a lot of people house-share and there are quite a lot of rooms to rent. There are nice areas 10 minutes outside of Sliema can that are more affordable. In general, I would say the standard of living is very good.


Way of living in Malta

malta coast working in malta

Malta is a developing country and it offers many opportunities to foreigners in areas such as Online Gaming, Finance, IT and Tourism. In the past years, the Maltese island has attracted many expats through its sunshine, easy-going lifestyle and the fact that English is the second official language (spoken by 90% of the population). This makes it easy for foreigners to say ‘yes’ to relocating to Malta. The expat community is quite large and most of which are from Northern Europe and their languages skills are highly demanded.


Besides the reasons stated above, we think the following 5 reasons should also be added to the list:

1. Stable economy

Malta was considered the fastest booming economy in Europe during the first half of 2018. The Maltese economy remains strong and continues to have a stable economic environment with a low unemployment rate and debt under control.

2. Mild climate

It’s sunny all year round! This makes Malta a paradise for enjoying the Mediterranean sun 300 days per year. You can enjoy long, hot summers and mild winters. During cold months, from December up until March, you can still make the most of the sun. This is the beauty of the Maltese climate.

3. Maltese hospitality

Maltese people are known for being warm-hearted and welcoming towards new people. They are friendly and hospitable people by nature and they are always eager to help.

4. Safety

Malta is an extremely safe country. Statistics show that Malta has only a rate of 0.3 crime incidents per 1,000 residents. It is safe to walk during the evening and the night.

5. Cost of living

The cost of living is relatively cheap in Malta compared to other European countries. Even though rent prices seem to have increased, daily life still remains affordable. Grocery prices can differ depending on where you shop, as well as eating out. A meal for one person at an inexpensive restaurant costs around 12€.


Did this convince you? We believe the culture, food, lifestyle and opportunities in Malta are enough to say ‘yes’ to the sunny island. It’s not hard to understand why so many foreigners are relocating to this gem. We encourage you to check out the opportunities with Mr Green, available at the moment!


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