Relocate to Portugal With Adecco

Relocate to Portugal With Adecco

Have you ever considered relocating to Portugal? As you probably know, Portugal has great weather, amazing gastronomy and a culture that is becoming more international. That is why Adecco, one of our Relocation Week partners, offers you some tips on how to successfully relocate to Portugal and make another step in your career. 

Adecco, an international recruitment company with a thriving branch in Portugal, helps foreign candidates to find a job in Portugal and helps companies to find the right candidates. Adecco wants to share useful tips on how to relocate and thrive in your new life in Portugal. Julien Ferrat, an International Recruiter at Adecco has told us about life in Portugal and what it is like as an expat himself.

Learn more about working for Adecco

1.    Can you tell us some things about Adecco and what is it like to work there?

Adecco is a company with different recruitment services, we provide both permanent and temporary jobs offers, the majority mostly being temporary positions in many different sectors. The company is a lead recruiter for the huge call centre industry in Portugal.  Here in Lisbon, we have many job offers that require different languages, this is why we use Europe Language Jobs on a daily basis to find the perfect multilingual candidates.

2.    What are the values of the company that might attract candidates?

Adecco works with companies that are recognised as world-renowned brands. We have a massive portfolio of clients, which means that candidates have their choice of companies to work with. Adecco also provides its candidates with great quality service, supporting them throughout the recruitment process. These are the main values that make Adecco a great recruitment company.

By applying to offers of Adecco you will have the possibility to work in Portugal for top brands with your native language. The recruiters from Adecco will guide you through the recruitment process and make your job finding experience smooth and trustworthy. Here you can apply to Adecco positions with languages.  

The Portuguese way of life

3.    What is it like to live in Portugal?

Each person has different perspectives about living in Portugal. Lisbon, as well as the whole country itself, is a great place to work within the HR industry because there are many opportunities for people with languages. It is also becoming a multi-cultural city with great weather and beaches. 

4.    What is the Portuguese culture like?

Compared to other countries, a lot of processes work a little bit slower here because Portuguese people have different ways of tackling things. The working environment is very friendly here and you do not feel the hierarchy as much as you might feel working in other countries. Portuguese people have a more welcoming approach towards everyone, which also transfers to their personal life.


Portuguese city

5.    What makes Portugal special compared to other countries?

Portugal is a much cheaper place to live compared to many other European countries. For example, in comparison with France, where I come from, everything here in Portugal is three times cheaper. Of course, the salary is lower too, but this matches the low cost of living. Another difference that I have noticed, is that life is much calmer here. 

Cities in Portugal

6.    From your perspective as a foreigner living in Portugal, what do you like the most about working in Portugal?

Speaking of work, I love the friendly working environment that I have never experienced before while working in another country - your colleagues are your friends.

7.    Is it easy to learn the language and to get along with Portuguese people?

Portuguese people really appreciate if a foreigner puts an effort into trying to speak and learn Portuguese and, of course, knowing Portuguese will help you on a daily basis to have more interaction with locals. Anyhow, a lot of Portuguese people can speak English, especially in Lisbon, since it is becoming a more international place. In order to work in Portugal, speaking Portuguese is not a requirement, but knowing it will help you get more opportunities.

8.    Is it difficult to relocate to Portugal?

There are two different cases. Firstly, if you are an EU citizen, there are no problems to stay for 3 months just by having your identification documents. If you want to stay longer than 3 months, it is necessary to justify the reasons why you want to extend your stay.
If you are a non-European country, it is trickier. The process might be long. It takes about a year and you need to meet the requirements. It is a very difficult process for recruitment.

So why to relocate to Portugal?

Portugal is a great country with many opportunities for foreigners. Having a low cost of living and good weather all year round, Portugal has the potential to be one of the most desired relocation spots. Its cuisine, heavily influenced by the coast, is something also worth relocating for. It is not necessary to know Portuguese to be able to live your life to the fullest here since Portugal is becoming a more diverse country and many people speak English. 

Relocate to Portugal, find out more about Adecco´s open vacancies and relocation opportunities.

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