2019 Innovation Updates at Europe Language Jobs


It’s been an exciting year at Europe Language Jobs, full of technological developments and improvements! We have invested a lot of time and effort into building better solutions for our clients and candidates, keeping up with key technological trends, improving user experience and as a result increasing the number of applications. 

Our updates so far have delivered positive results for our clients and candidates and we aim to keep advancing and improving our platform in order to stay ahead of the competition and to continue to rank as one of the most technologically advanced job boards within the industry. 

Continue reading to discover the exciting innovative updates that have been introduced this year at Europe Language Jobs...

Changes So Far

  • Back in April, we introduced our matching algorithm to the website, helping to connect candidates with relevant job offers based on their profiles. 


  • After a few months of testing on real candidates within our website and completing a series of upgrades, we can see the increasingly positive effects that the algorithm is having on our users. 


  • Due to the positive feedback that we received regarding the matching algorithm, we decided to incorporate this feature into our direct mailing communications with candidates. 


  • Thanks to the accurate matchings and our efficient communications, our number of candidate applications have increased by a significant 70% since the beginning of 2019. Our clients have noticed the outstanding improvements, especially over the last 3 months!


  • This increased application rate is something we aim to keep improving over the next few months. 


  • The job matching emails increased our application rate significantly, bringing an extra 2.000  unique candidates applying to job offers per month. In total the mailings generated around 8.000 new applications per month. 


The Good News Doesn't Stop There!


  • The activity on our website has increased by over 12% in the last 2 months, this is thanks to our improved candidate communications and our user-friendly platform. 


  • This is a very positive sign considering that summer is usually one of the quieter periods for job boards. 


Application to job offer at Europe Language Jobs growth


Upcoming changes


  • During September we will be launching our profile automation tool! 


  • This tool will automatically populate our candidate's profiles by pulling data from their CVs. By introducing this level of automation, we hope to further improve the matching system and as a result, increase the number of job applications. 


We are confident that our advanced solutions and improved user experience will significantly benefit candidates searching for a job abroad. Europe Language Jobs is proud to be one of the most technologically advanced job boards within the lingual job board industry. We will continue to keep developing new solutions for our clients and candidates to improve their experience with our job board.

Sep 19, 2019 by Carlos

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With the Proper preferences set it is easy to optimise the matchings for the candidate.

posted 1 week ago by Ansar

Well, It's a good platform and easy to use.

posted 1 week ago by Kundan

excellent ,
it is very important to have an accurate evaluation measurement tool .and of course to select the right person for the right position is your major target .
good luck and go ahead .

posted 2 weeks ago by Mohamed


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posted 1 month ago by Andreina

Well the science seems to be improving things. I hope it can help me as well.

posted 1 month ago by Jonathan

Very exciting!

posted 1 month ago by Davina


posted 1 month ago by Amir

Excelentes nuevas opciones!!

posted 1 month ago by Pablo

I find your web side one of the best ones, to look for a job abroad. I hope it will help me find, what I'm looking for. The fresh updates are very welcome from the user side of view. I also enjoy your witty posts on social medias.

posted 1 month ago by Nina


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