Top Language Jobs for Multilingual Candidates in Europe

Top Language Jobs for Multilingual Candidates in Europe

Learning a language can be a long and stressful process but in the end, it´s more than worth it! Learning a language comes with lots of advantages and rewards.

With language skills you can move easily to new destinations, you can communicate with more people and when it comes to your job search, you are more employable! 

If you have taken the time to learn a language, you should make the most of your skills and the opportunities that you have to move abroad! There are lots of top language jobs available out there, jobs that you maybe didn’t even know existed, so it’s time to discover the top language jobs available for you right now… 


Translation & Interpretation Jobs


Although there is a big difference between Translation and Interpretation, both of these jobs are in high demand and come with great rewards, these are some of the top language jobs out there! If you want to become a translator, you can work from pretty much anywhere and some jobs are so flexible that you can choose your own hours. 

As a translator, your main job is to translate written content from one language to another. Translators can work across a variety of fields but it’s also common to specialise in one particular field, for example, health services, law and more. You need to be good at writing for this kind of career with close attention to detail! 

Working as an interpreter is completely different and seems to be much more of a high-pressure role. Interpreters are responsible for interpreting one language to another, in spoken word. This role comes with a lot of responsibility, as you may be responsible for communicating during health procedures, business meetings, conferences, legal events and more. This type of work obviously requires impeccable language skills, any miscommunication or mistakes could cause a lot of trouble. This is one of the most demanding top language jobs and would suit people who work well in a high-pressure environment. 


Become A Teacher


If you are fortunate enough to know more than one language, why not share your language skills with others? Teaching comes naturally to some people, so you may enjoy teaching more than you expected! Sharing your knowledge and skills is extremely fulfilling and you may find great pleasure in becoming a teacher. Working as a teacher is one of the most rewarding top language jobs out there! 

As a teacher, you have more options than you think! You can work as a traditional teacher in a classroom, remotely as an online teacher or you can work as a freelance style language tutor. To be a teacher, you need to have a full linguistic understanding of the languages that you are teaching, this job can come with a lot of pressure but it comes with many rewards too! 


Content Jobs


If you are good at writing and you can apply these skills in another language, why not consider a content-based job? There are lots of content job opportunities available in Europe, from Content reviewing, Blog and website maintenance, Social media promotion and more. You may also be able to work remotely for this type of work, which makes this one of the more appealing top language jobs. 

If you are good at writing and you have linguistic skills, these skills go hand-in-hand and a lot of companies look for content editors and native speakers for their social media, blog and website content! We all know that translation apps aren’t always the most reliable, so companies find great advantages from having a multilinguist in the company.


Sales & Call Centre Jobs


International companies often have multiple offices located across the world. In order to appeal and to communicate with their international audience, they need a variety of native language speakers in their teams! In Europe, there is a high demand for employees who can communicate in different languages over the phone and email, in customer service roles, customer support, etc. 

For these top language jobs, you are often required to work with native speakers from all over the world. This international working environment is often very fun and rewarding. These top language jobs often come with generous reward packages and sometimes even offer relocation support!


Ancient Language Jobs


Those of you who know an Ancient Language; whether it's Latin, Greek, Hebrew or another Ancient Language, there are lots of top language jobs for you to consider! You can apply your knowledge in various job positions and sectors; from History, Art, Literature, Research, Education and more. 

Knowing an Ancient Language gives you a significant advantage and helps you to stand out from other candidates, especially as your language knowledge is more unique! Knowing an Ancient Language significantly boosts your academic profile and you may also consider a career in teaching, whether it's Ancient Literature, History, Religion, the opportunities are endless. Alternatively, you may devote your knowledge elsewhere, working for Art Foundations, History Museums, Libraries, Legal Organisations and more!


All in all, there are lots of careers and top language jobs for you to consider when you know more than one language! When you learn a language, you instantly add value to your CV through your motivation and desire to expand your options and your horizons. Perhaps you know a more common language which will open the door to lots of opportunities around Europe. On the other hand, by knowing a more rare and unique language, (like the Ancient Languages!) this can help to make you stand out from the other job seekers. 

If you only know one language, it’s time to start learning a new one! There are lots of fun ways that you can start learning a new language; language schools, language exchange programs, language tutors, language apps and more!

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