Health at work and safety world day

April 28, World Day for Occupational Safety and Health at Work

The UN stated in 2003 that the April 28th World Day for Safety and Health at Work is celebrated at Work coinciding with the tribute of unionism to victims of industrial accidents and occupational diseases.

Stress at work

United Nations has decided that the World Day for Safety and Health at Work Labour this year is dedicated to stress, one of the major problems of the current labor market. As we remember on its website the International Labour Organization (ILO), the UN agency for the sector, increased competitiveness, high expectations on the performance of employees or a marathon workdays contribute to the workplaces are increasingly stressful.


Work stress does not understand occupations, sectors or countries, and affects both workers in developed countries to those in developing countries, regardless of what they do.

Emerging risks

Market developments and working conditions also result in the emergence of new risks to the health of workers. From UN point to the increased workload and the intensification of work caused by layoffs, poor working conditions associated with labor migration, work in black, subcontracting or temporary contracts, in addition to independent work, such as new emerging risk factors.


Thus the aim of this April 28th is to increase international awareness of safety and health, both among unions as representatives of governments or business organizations. Since the ILO point to the shared responsibility of these three actors in promoting the prevention of health and safety, and invites them to fulfill their obligations in preventing injuries, illnesses and work-related deaths.


More information: UN


Apr 28, 2016 by The ELJ Team

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