5 Benefits of Working in an International Company

5 Benefits of Working in an International Company

Deciding which is the right type of company for you is an important part of the job search. Being employed in a startup can be very different from working in an international enterprise, and the type of environment we prefer might change along the way. Our goals evolve together with the development of our career, so we might find ourselves seeking the fast pace of a startup, or looking for more development opportunities in international companies after a while. 


For everyone who is currently considering the latter option, we have compiled all the benefits of working in a multinational company - have a read and decide whether this is what you’re expecting!


We will present the advantages of working in an international environment on the example of one of the best-known multinational companies in Europe - Teleperformace Greece. Let’s dive into our case study and discover the backstage of being an employee of an international company!


  1. Diversity and equality in the company
  2. Legal support for newly hired employees
  3. International relocation package
  4. Help in the integration into the society and culture
  5. Professional growth opportunities 


  1. Diversity and equality in the company


The international character of the business comes with great diversity. Large companies like Teleperformance Greece make a point to ensure equal chances for employment and working conditions for everyone. The company policy advocates an absolute intolerance for discrimination against any nationality, gender, religion, sexual orientation, political view, socioeconomic background or disability. 


They are very open about their approach, which means candidates applying for positions there are aware and ready to accept those conditions. That ensures the employee profile is based on open-minded, tolerant people who create a healthy, bias-free working environment


Initiatives such as the Impact Sourcing programme help strengthen the notion of equality in the workplace, making sure that the stereotype-free attitude is not only present in the mentality of the workers, but also in the official policy of the company. If you would like to work in a safe environment where you won’t have to worry about acts of discrimination and will be able to enjoy diversity among your colleagues, then choosing a multinational company might be just the way to go. 


  1. Legal support for newly hired employees


Getting hired by a multinational company oftentimes comes with the necessity to relocate. Moving to another country unfortunately usually means tons of paperwork to deal with before we can exhale with relief and enjoy our new job. The legal matters can get overwhelming, especially if you’re not entirely familiar with the codes of conduct in your new destination. 


This is where international companies come in. As they are aware of the legal regulations in their country and have the experience of helping hundreds of employees relocate for work, they will be happy to assist you with all the documents you need to obtain and then sign. 


You can expect advice about which office to go to so that you don’t end up showing up at the wrong place and missing your appointment that you have waited for for 6 months as a result. Sometimes, you might be required to come armed with certain documents signed by the employer in order to be able to obtain your work permit, and companies such as Teleperformance Greece will swiftly provide them for you - you won’t have to keep delaying your appointments while repeatedly asking your employer for the paperwork you need to, well, work. 


  1. International relocation package 


International companies are aware that settling all the legal issues upon arrival is not the only worry of a freshly-baked expat. Moving countries comes with a ton of other challenges such as finding a place to live or getting used to the new environment. 


Your employer at a multinational business will have your back by either advising you on safe ways to search for accommodation and avoid scam, or even directly helping you find it. Teleperformance Greece cooperates with real estate agencies and therefore can cover the agency fees for their employees. What’s more, they also provide a temporary place to live for at least the first 42 weeks of your contract, so that you can easily engage in house viewings and make sure your new home is cozy. And more importantly, verify first-hand that the landlord is not dodgy. 


As relocating to a new country comes with enough expenses as it is, your future employer will be understanding. Depending on the project you will be assigned to work for, you may get a signing bonus, which will come in the form of extra money attached to your first paycheck that will help cover some of the abundant expenses accumulated within the initial few weeks, or on your flight ticket fee to be covered by the company. 


When discussing with your employer how you will receive these paychecks, it is also a good idea to review different payment services, such as Airwallex. It is a good step to choose a multicurrency financial service so you can use the currency you want whenever you travel back to your country.


To top it all off, you may also be lucky enough to have the employer arrange a pick-up from the airport and drop-off at your accommodation, so that you don’t have to risk dealing with the stress of potentially getting lost in a new place right after arrival! 


  1. Help in the integration into the society and culture


The social aspect of moving abroad can be equally daunting as all the formal elements such as legal matters and finding a flat. Above all, it takes much more time than all the other aspects, as making friends and starting to feel like you belong in a foreign spot doesn’t happen overnight. 


When coming to work in a multinational company, the multicultural environment will help you adjust much quicker. At Teleperformance, get ready for welcome and team-building events meant to help you get incorporated into the team and the country in general. Additionally, they even offer online Greek language classes to make the transition into a new culture as smooth as possible for you. 


This is a great opportunity because even though the local language might not be essential for your new job, knowing the basics will definitely make life easier for you. You are sure to meet many expats coming from all over the world and speaking a variety of languages, but making friends with the locals is another experience altogether and being able to speak their language could be a huge plus. And come on, who doesn’t want to learn a new language for free


  1. Professional growth opportunities


International enterprises are a goldmine when it comes to growth opportunities. Given how their revenue is much higher than that of a start-up, they can invest significant sums in their employees’ development. 


There are various internal training options available, as in Teleperformance Greece, and some companies might even be able to offer you discounts on specific courses or entire memberships for online course platforms. What’s more, an international business will also have branches in various countries, so relocation within the same company could also be an option. 


Imagine being able to transfer to another destination with the comfort of being able to not only stay within your current position, but also continue to work for the same employer. This would save you the stress of being unemployed in-between jobs and allow you to avoid the headache of going through the entire recruitment process all over again. 


Not to mention, working for a global company could come with the possibility of a quicker promotion. Given the bigger scale of the business, there are more position options in an international enterprise than in a growing start-up, so climbing your way up can definitely be in the cards for you. 


Read about the career path of Eleni - a Teleperformance Greece employee who has made her way from a Customer Service Representative to a managerial position!


The recruitment world is not black and white. Choosing between working in a start-up or a global company is a matter of preferences - both those of different people and your personal standards and goals that change over the years. 


So no, we cannot tell you in a straightforward way which environment would be more suitable for you. But we can shed some light on how a particular business model works and what advantages it offers to help you make an informed decision. And, of course, we’re happy to do that!


If you’re about to make your first employment decision or are at a point in your life when you’re wondering if it might be a good moment for a change, definitely take these 5 benefits of working in a multilingual company into consideration.