5 Ways To Boost Your Graphic Design CV

5 Ways To Boost Your Graphic Design CV

5 Ways To Boost Your Graphic Design CV & Stand Out From The Competition. 

The graphic design industry is an extremely important part of visual communication and marketing, it´s an industry that is constantly changing and advancing. Through these advancements in technology, lots of new job titles and styles of working have been introduced such as 4D Printing, Animation, Web Design, UX and UI Design and so on. Although there are lots of possible career paths for people who want to pursue a career in Graphic Design, it´s important to do your best to keep up with the fast-paced industry and to keep refreshing your knowledge and skillset accordingly!

The demand for Graphic Design jobs is extremely high and to find a job, it´s important to use your initiative and to use your creativity to brand yourself in the best possible way, displaying your skills, passion, knowledge and motivation for the Design industry. 

We have 5 tips that will help you to stand out from the competition and give your CV that extra boost! 

1. Monetise: Sell your designs

Become an entrepreneur and make the most out of your skills by selling your designs online. Not only will keep your money afloat while you are searching for a job, but you‌ ‌can also get your designs in front of potential employers through increased exposure online. Printful is the ideal website to start selling your designs on, they provide print on demand and dropshipping services, so there is no need for any upfront investment money, you can start with €0.00! By creating your shop online, you will also show how motivated and passionate you are about design and that you are serious about making a career out of it!


2. Build an online presence

As we mentioned previously, building an online presence is a great way of getting your dream employers attention. As a designer, it´s important to build profiles on online portfolio sites, create social media profiles and join relevant job boards. By uploading your work in relevant places online, you are showcasing your work to potential employers and potentially building your very own fanbase. Using social media and other tools to promote your work is a great experience for your CV, it shows that you have a range of digital skills that other Designers may not. 


3. Be creative with your CV

You are a designer, so use your CV as a way of showcasing this. Your CV should differ to an average CV, it should show your creativity and artistic flair. Do your best to incorporate your brand and keep this consistent with your digital presence, this will display your strong branding skills to the employer. With digital CV´s, make sure that you make any of your online portfolios links clickable and add other links to relevant online pieces of work too. When it comes to the design of your CV, sometimes less is more, you need your CV to be clear and readable but adding a stylistic design can give your CV that artistic flair that will help your CV to stand out. 


 4. Network

In any industry, we advise you to network! By going to different creative and professional events and meeting people from your industry, you will meet relevant people who could help you to find a job. Whether they know of a job opening or they own a company themselves, it´s always good to put yourself out there. Although it´s great to meet potential employers, you could meet other creatives who help you with your design career. It´s great to share tips and tricks with other people in the same industry, they may be aware of other design events, design websites and they may even have an interesting business venture that you could join them on. 


 5. Keep on learning

No matter how much experience you have, it´s never time to STOP learning. With the digital world becoming more and more advanced, there are always new skills and new pieces of software to learn. While you are looking for a job, you could be completing a course online to help you acquire new skills or familiarising yourself with new pieces of software. Keep up with your industry trends and keep advancing your skills, after all, you can add these to your CV. Get yourself ahead of the competition, you can never have too much knowledge and too many skills within your industry!


Are you a designer looking for the next step in your career? Make sure you follow these 5 tips to help you appear more unique in your job search. In such a creative industry, there´s no point following the crowd, it´s time to STAND OUT! Get your name and your designs out there online, get networking, you never know what valuable connections you might make! Check out the exciting Graphic Design opportunities on our job board.

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