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Personal branding is crucial for making an impact in your professional life. Do you want to build your own personal brand but don't know where to start? These useful tips are here to help you!

Sep 27, 2022 by

This insightful article is helpful both for recruiters and candidates wanting to get a professional insight into the recruitment process and use it to their advantage. Have a read!

Sep 20, 2022 by
Guest Blogger

Does the prospect of negotiating your salary fill you with dread? Regardless of whether you're negotiating a job offer or asking for a raise, this guide for salary negotiation will help you do it righ

Sep 13, 2022 by

The time has come! Europe Language Jobs have released our new job search app GOPlaces! Find out how the app can make your job hunt easier with all of its cool features!

Jul 19, 2022 by

In our quickly-developing world, we all need to be quick on our feet. Learn about how global companies adapt to world challenges to stay afloat and keep their employees happy.

Jul 7, 2022 by

Trying to decide if working in an international company is the right choice for you? Get to know these 5 benefits you can expect from a multinational environment at work!

Jul 5, 2022 by

The key to successful cooperation is understanding: learn about the various expectations of the different generations in the workplace!

May 24, 2022 by

Are you wondering if a cover letter is still necessary in 2022? And if so, why? Do employers even read them? Find all that out in our blog!

Apr 19, 2022 by

Are you wondering if dedicating time and effort to creating a thorough LinkedIn profile really plays a role in your career development? A professional Career Advisor answers the question!

Mar 22, 2022 by
Guest Blogger