Welcome to Find a Job in 30 Days: The Challenge!


If you are reading this, you are already a step closer to landing the perfect job for you! You have chosen to accept a challenge and your professional success is your biggest prize from winning! We are here to set the tone and assist you but after all, you are the one who chose to be enthusiastic about your career and you deserve a round of applause! Now let’s see what this challenge is all about and how it’s going to work in your favour.


How it works: 

Monday - Friday: You will be given reading material and a daily task

Saturday: Recharge your batteries and catch up on any days you might have missed!

Sunday: You will receive a weekly review, in which there will be a summary of what you have learnt in the last week, and what to expect from the week ahead.


What will you learn: 

Each week has a specific topic that the reading and activities will be centred around:

Week 1 - Determining your career path; Discover your capabilities and expand your horizons

  • This week we will be assessing your options by seeing what career paths are possible with your current skill set, and where you are most in demand. Often times, candidates are not fully aware of the opportunities available to them and thus miss out on some life-changing openings. Additionally, far too often people aren't aware of how easy it is to equip yourself with the most sought after skills. We will ensure you know how to pack your CV full of them. 

Week 2 - Preparation is key; Sharpening your job search tools

  • Take advantage of the job search tools that are already out there. Learning how to strategically use social media and optimise your CV is essential in order to stand out from the crowd. What's more, you'll get help on staying organised during your job search journey and hear the secrets of young, successful professionals. 

Week 3 - Get the Ball Rolling; Getting you ahead of the competition in your applications

  • It’s time to hear from recruiters about the application process. This will include helping you to understand how companies search through applications and what makes some candidates stand out more than others. You will also learn about the importance of networking, and the best way to go about it. This week will position you ahead of the competition.

Week 4 - Seal the Deal; Helping you to prepare for a winning interview

  • The interview stage can really make or break your chances of securing a job. There are a number of common mistakes made in this step of the job search that can turn employers off a candidate. This week is about ensuring you are not one of these people! Whether it's group interviews, skype interviews or just plain old one on ones, we've got it covered!


How to keep track of your progress: 

Blogs and tasks will be easy to track, with daily emails and our interactive calendar. Remember to log in with your Europe Language Jobs account to keep track of your progress in the calendar. This means even if you miss a day, you can go back and check what you’ve missed! If you finish the 30 days in the interactive calendar, you will receive our exclusive employment guide, as well as be entered in the prize draw! 


The Prize:

We are here to help you find the job of your dreams! That is why one of the participants will be able to have a one on one practice interview with the head of our HR department, where they can ask all their questions, practice answering common questions and receive feedback! 


Who made it possible:














Now you know what The Challenge entails, it is time to start your job search! On Monday 5th Oct we will start our informative content and discuss how to expand your horizons and what are the important questions to ask yourself when looking for a job.

Start searching for a job! 


Sep 30, 2019 by The ELJ Team

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I'm super excited. Thank you for this opportunity!

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Thanks! Looking forward to join it

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Looking forward for the challenge.

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Fingers crossed

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