Developing Your Niche (Part Two): Market Yourself!

Developing Your Niche (Part Two): Market Yourself!

In the previous article on the ELJ blog, I wrote a little bit about “starting as you mean to go on” when it comes to developing your career and finding your niche. The idea behind this is that it will help you to find out what your particular talent is which is not only good for your career but life itself. In this article, I want to write about developing a niche as a way of marketing yourself.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word “Niche” also means:

A specialized but profitable segment of the market.

For companies and business people, this entails identifying a specific gap in the market which could potentially generate revenue. Even if you are not working for a company or do not consider yourself to be entrepreneurial-minded, this statement can still be applied to you.

After all, it’s about discovering something that someone has never done before. Since everyone is unique and has a special talent or skill to offer, each person has the potential to discover their own niche and/or discover a niche market. As well as requiring commitment and dedication, often this will involve innovation and invention in order to create a totally novel product or idea. Alternatively, you might just discover a better way of doing things to the way they were done before, which is also useful since it can be beneficial for everyone. And by doing something differently, you have already found something that can function as your niche.

Have you heard of the following terms?

1.       INTERCOM (Inter + Communications)

2.       TELECOM (Tele + Communications)

By identifying a way to abbreviate these two words and bring them together, the creator was able to define and discover a whole new market from which to profit, and which would also become commonplace in our knowledge and vocabulary.

There’s no reason why you can’t do the same. For example, if you have ever worked within marketing, you may want to label yourself as a “market” by combining the words “marketing” and “architecture”. Employees from top companies such as Facebook who formerly called themselves “software engineers” are now referring to themselves instead as “software architects”. The overall result is more impressive and attractive, as well as showing initiative and creativity. After all, how many times have we come across the job titles “marketing manager” or “marketing executive”? Perhaps the title fits the bill, but it doesn’t show us anything new or interesting about you or the role that you played in a particular company.

To properly develop your niche, sometimes you have to break away from the norm and do something daring. When it comes to having a really great CV and succeeding in your job search, creativity and originality definitely pay off. By marketing yourself really well, your future employer will also have the proof that you can market their product really well. Furthermore, it will help you to make sure that the companies that are interested in you recognize you for your talents quicker, and therefore have a better understanding of the field you wish to work in. Ultimately, this is going to help you to be the architect of your own career rather than have it constructed and defined for you.

Stay tuned for the next article, which will discuss how to tailor your profile on Europe Language Jobs to make sure it gets that five-star rating!


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