ELJ is introducing New Features!

ELJ is introducing New Features!


Here at ELJ, our number one priority is our clients. Thanks to your feedback, we've been able to make some changes to improve your experience using ELJ. This is why the new features we've introduced will help save you some time and make your search for candidates much easier!


  1. Location Filter

We have introduced a new field to help let you decide whether you want to receive candidates from only the EU or from all over the world. This is especially useful when you need new team members as soon as possible and you want your candidates to already be living in Europe. Of course, if you want your pool of resumes as big as possible, you can choose to receive applications from the whole world!



You are able to set this filter for individual vacancies, and you will find it at the bottom of the page when you post a job offer.

This feature will now mean if a candidates profile doesn’t match your criteria for a vacancy, their applications will be placed in the ‘Irrelevant’ (IR) subcategory in the jobs list.



This new filter doesn’t discard the candidate, it just emphasises that they don’t meet all of the necessary requirements for that particular job offer, making the screening process for you as a recruiter much easier and more efficient.

Candidates will be marked as irrelevant based on the settings you choose when posting a job offer, including

If you click on the candidates within the category ‘irrelevant’ you will see the reason for being categorised as such.

Unsuitable CVs will appear as “irrelevant” in your account.

Please be aware;

  • you also don't receive those applications via email and the only way to check those applications is via your ELJ Dashboard.
  • Our recommendation would be to check those applications quite frequently, especially for the harder to source positions.


2. Relocation Package Field

Europe Language Jobs is the job board for candidates willing to relocate.

Now when you go to post a job offer, you will find  another new field at the bottom of the page for you to select whether your company offers a relocation package to the candidate.



We will highlight the fact that you offer a relocation package to your candidates; so if you do offer relocation help, don’t forget to state it in this field so you can enjoy a huge competitive advantage!



Here at ELJ we are constantly working to improve our client’s user experience. Our goal is not only to provide a useful tool for your daily recruitment, but also to adapt to your needs. If you feel our website is missing something or you have an ideas for improvement, please get in touch with your account manager and let them know about it! We always welcome this kind of feedback as ultimately, it helps us grow and improve the service we provide to you!


Lastly, if after reading this blog you still have questions about our new features, feel free to contact [email protected] or your personal account manager at +44 203 411 5167 or on +34 936 553 275 for further insights, explanations, and advice on how to use the new features effectively. Your account manager is your best friend here at Europe Language Jobs, so make sure to contact them for any inquiry related to your account and the premium services we offer!