The Essential Erasmus Packing List

The Essential Erasmus Packing List

You are ready and raring to go on your Erasmus adventure, but wait! Don't set off without planning what you need to pack! You wouldn't want to turn up in St Petersburg without your woolly knickers now, would you?! Here is the essential Erasmus packing list to remind you of all the things you need to pack in your suitcase before going on this trip and moving to another country. With this packing list, you definitely won't forget anything!


1. Clothing

Research the climate of the city where you will do your Erasmus. Having selected your destination because you are excited to visit it, we're sure you'll already have a good idea about the kind of weather it receives. However, always check to be on the safe side! Even places like the south of Spain - known for their tremendous summer heat - can get pretty chilly around wintertime. Pack for at least two seasons; be selective but try to bring a couple of items for every occasion - activewear, formal attire, and comfortable around-the-house clothes. As for footwear, take trainers, smart boots/brogues, everyday comfy shoes, and maybe a pair of heels. 


2. Money

We recommend getting cash out in the target currency before you go abroad and save it for emergencies. Do not have it on your person when exploring the city - hide the majority in the room where you are staying. (Use a safe if there is one available). It's also wise to register with an online bank beforehand, in case for some reason your card isn't accepted in your new city.


3. Medication

If there is a medication you need to take regularly, or have in case of emergencies, inform your doctor that you are going away for X length of time and get it prescribed for the upcoming 6-12 months. Trying to find alternatives may be difficult in another language, they may not even exist in the same way there, or you might have to go through a lengthy administrative process before having access to prescribed medicines. 


4. Paperwork

The specific documents you need depend on your host institution and the country you're going to, but here's a general list:

  • Passport
  • Health card
  • ID
  • Erasmus agreement
  • Travel & medical insurance


5. Toiletries

Most of your toiletries or cosmetics you will be able to buy abroad (this will save you luggage space!). Otherwise, don't forget your mini versions of shampoo, conditioner, face & body wash, deodorant, wipes, and sun cream. Buy a quick-dry travel towel, too!


6. Electronics

Take your phone, laptop, speakers, cameras so you can continue your studies and passions easily abroad. Check which chargers go with which appliance and whether you will need an adapter


There's the essential Erasmus checklist for get packing!!! Last but not least, don't forget to pack a friendly attitude, an appetite for new experiences and cuisines, and a thirst for adventure! Have fun and stay safe out there :D


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