Expats: 10 Reasons To Choose An Online Bank Account

Expats: 10 Reasons To Choose An Online Bank Account

Expats, when it comes to moving abroad, you may feel as though you have a million things to do. From finding an apartment to sorting out your visa or work permit, opening a new phone contract and of course, opening a foreign bank account. In this article, we´re pleased to share our 10 reasons to choose an online bank account. 

Over the years, we have received lots of queries and feedback from our website users, asking ´What are the best bank to use in this country´, ´How can I set up a bank remotely´, ´How can I avoid foreign bank fees´ etc. From these frequently asked questions, we did our research and tried to find a suitable collaboration and solution to our expat´s problems. 

Thankfully, we came across N26, an online bank, who we are proud to collaborate with and to help our expats to answer their foreign bank queries! N26 has introduced some key benefits to modern-day international travellers and expats.

Discover the 10 reasons why opening an online bank account with N26 can make your move abroad a lot easier. 

  1. Whenever, wherever.

    You can open an N26 online bank account from the comfort of your own home. No need to leave the house and best of all, no queuing! Avoiding the impractical opening hours that traditional banks tend to have and the fact that they are almost always closed on Sundays.
  2. Smooth set up.

    N26 conveniently provides you with a local IBAN so your new paycheck can go straight into your new N26 bank account. This saves you precious time trying to figure out which bank will allow you to open a checking account etc. 
  3. No limit.

    You get 5 free ATM withdrawals a month, with no limit. This enables you to manage your money better during your month and saves you from the nightmare of being abroad with no access to your money! 
  4. Full control.

    You have full control over your account. You have the ability to set yourself a daily withdrawal and payment limit, which will help you to resist spending all of your money in this new and exciting location. 
  5. Fast turnaround.

    The delivery time is considerably fast, ranging from 4 to 14 days on average, fitting around your busy expat-life schedule. I got my N26 card within just one week! 
  6. Widely accessible.

    N26 is now widely available in almost all of the Eurozone apart from Malta and Cyprus, making it possible for almost all of European our expats to sign up! 
  7. Easy transfers.

    N26 allows you to transfer money directly from the app to any bank account in the EU with extreme ease. For other banks (outside of the EU) you can use TransferWise within the app to complete the process. We all know how annoying it can be trying to send money abroad, fast!
  8. Cost savings.

    Save money by avoiding nuisance travel expenses. Most online banks charge a very small exchange fee of around 1%, local banks usually charge a higher exchange rate of 2-3% per transaction. We all know how painful it can be paying these fees!
  9. High security.

    N26 offers a three-step security system to minimise any fraudulent activity. For each transaction, you are asked to provide secure login details, a 4-digit payment transfer PIN, followed by pushTAN - a secure confirmation message used to complete your transaction. It´s always important to feel as secure as possible when you move away.


  10. 24/7 support.

    For any queries or concerns, the N26 customer service team are available 24/7 via the chat feature within the app. Phone and email support is also available through the website. Having the ability to contact your bank at any time, is extremely convenient when you are adapting to a new lifestyle and currency. 


When you decide to move to a new country, we all know how difficult it can be deciding who to bank with, especially when you know nothing about the banking system in that particular country. Of course, every bank has its own benefits and some may be more suitable for your needs than others. From our point of view and experience, N26 is the ideal online bank account for the international traveller and for anyone who is planning to live and work abroad. This online bank account has answered almost all of our users frequently asked questions and we´re excited to help our future expats too! Here at Europe Language Jobs, we love listening to our user's feedback and queries and helping them to find the perfect solution!