Fresh start in Portugal

A fresh start in the Portuguese sun

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Portugal is one of the hottest European countries to find a job this summer – both literally and metaphorically.

After a period of financial crisis in Portugal, perhaps this beautiful, sun-kissed country on the Iberian Peninsula isn’t the first one you think of when daydreaming about potential working destinations

However, you may want to rethink this attitude, and here are some top reasons why...

Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

You might imagine that Portugal has little to offer in the way of employment but that is simply a false assumption. At Europe Language Jobs we have more jobs in Portugal than in Germany, the UK or the Netherlands. German speakers especially have a particularly wide variety of opportunities! In fact, only one country has more jobs offers than Portugal, which is neighbouring Spain.

Work in Lisbon

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Numerous multinational firms, as well as several exciting startups, use Portugal as their base. This is mainly due to the fact that it is cheaper to open operation centres in this part of the world. The amazing culture, low cost of living and warm weather mean that people from all over the world are only too happy to move to work in these companies, which takes us neatly onto our next point.

Multilingual paradise

Many countries in the south of Europe are experiencing a similar trend, including Malta, Spain and Greece. With the multinationals shifting (or certainly expanding) their labour force south, people are happily flocking in their thousands to follow the demand for work. Most of these companies are global contenders and therefore require a customer service workforce with as wide a linguistic ability as possible.

This is your opportunity to use your language as your ticket to a life in the sun. Most companies’ workforces are internally organised into sections by language, so you will be working alongside people in a similar situation who you can communicate with effectively – which is usually our biggest worry when moving to a new country.

However, you will have the opportunity to mix and socialise with the rest of the workforce and meet people from all over the world. Many companies put on after-work events, form sports teams and arrange drinks and dinners for the workers. Teleperformance Portugal goes even few steps further they offer a huge relocation package to their international employees which makes the move to another country very easy. The package includes an apartments, travel refund, a yearly free flight home, surfing classes and they manage all the paper work upon arrival, including social security and bank account. This is one of the beauties of working for a multinational.

Work abroad in Portugal

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A German advantage

Especially in demand in this part of the world are German speakers. Although English is the most sought after language in Europe, there are also many available candidates willing and ready to fill English speaking roles. This is not the same for German; the demand is high but the supply is low. 

German speaking candidates are in seriously dominating the recruitment world in this moment in time. In fact 25% of our job offers in Portugal require German, so if you speak German then why not take advantage of the situation before the secret gets out. The salaries are high, the incentives are more enticing and the pick of the jobs is more diverse...for now! 

However, if you don’t speak German then here is a useful outline of where you language(s) is most in demand.

Whatever you speak, you should seriously consider Portugal as the country for a fresh start. With plenty of opportunity, friendly people, rich culture and a low cost of living to welcome you, you won’t be looking back anytime soon.

Make sure you tick off everything on our checklist of info and essentials for new arrivals!


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Great! I'd love to relocate in Portugal!

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No matter what the job or work situation is anywhere, you still need people to do the job, point. Just keep on seqrching you will find something or start your own business. Become an entrepreneur.

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I am working hard on job search in Portugal, I believe that for my growth and my childrens will be very important.

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