How The Coronavirus Outbreak Will Affect Your Job Search

How The Coronavirus Outbreak Will Affect Your Job Search

The coronavirus outbreak has caused significant global panic, with many people facing job uncertainty, fear of infection and of course, dreaded insolation. No one is entirely sure what will happen and for how long this outbreak will last but we are here to provide some key tips to help you continue life as normal and to discover how the coronavirus will affect your job search. 


Discover how you can prepare well for your job search during the coronavirus outbreak:


  • Remote interviews 

In some countries, it has been requested that human interaction should be kept to the bare minimum. For this reason, LinkedIn and other companies have requested for all interviews to be made online for this period. This will be one of the first ways that coronavirus will affect your job search, taking your interviews and other HR communications online. As a job board with a close focus on relocation, we have always promoted skype and other video conferencing as a practical way of communicating and we will continue to do so. 

It’s important to treat a Skype interview, just as you would a normal interview. You should still devote the same amount of preparation, motivation, and effort. You will need to act professionally, conduct your interview in a tidy area with a clear background to keep the main focus on yourself, remember to dress appropriately, test your webcam and microphone and last but not least, to do your best! After all, it’s your time to shine and although a Skype interview may not feel as serious as a face-to-face interview, it’s your ticket to success so treat it with importance!  


  • There’s less competition

As the world continues to panic and the upcoming months become more and more unpredictable, you may find that fewer people are looking to change jobs or looking for new places to relocate to. Before you start panicking too, take into consideration is that online/digital jobs will remain the same, some industries will even boom during this global crisis. 


If you are someone who was considering relocating, perhaps now is the time to embrace a new adventure and move somewhere that may be safer than your current location. Some countries are on lockdown which makes it considerably hard to even leave the house but if you are in a better position, embrace this opportunity to search for online and remote-based jobs. 


  • More remote opportunities 

As more and more companies are closing business and countries are going into lockdown, remote opportunities are becoming more and more apparent. For those of you who work in a digital or tech job, then it’s considerably easy for you to become a remote employee but unfortunately, for others, this isn’t as easy. So taking advantage of this coronavirus outbreak and working on new skills, can change the direction of your career.

If you always wanted to start a career in blogging, as a graphic designer, a content moderator or more, then now is the time to start looking for remote jobs. Remember that to be a successful remote worker there are some essential skills that you need; organizational, communicational and more. 



How to overcome this problematic time:


  • Time to work on remote skills

During the period of uncertainty, a lot of businesses will be transitioning into online/remote businesses. This may be a temporary or long-term procedure depending on the nature of the company. During this digital transformation period, it will be extremely beneficial to work on some digital and technical skills that could help to give your CV a big boost. 


This coronavirus outbreak period could also lead you to new career paths and skills that you may not have considered in the past, so this period of crisis may eventually have positive effects on the rest of your career. 


Develop your skills on the following platforms: 



  • Work on your digital presence 

As face-to-face networking will be unadvised in some countries, now is the time to focus on your Social Media and Digital presence. If you are looking for a new job, then you need to make sure that you present yourself well across your social media profiles.

Use this time to sort through your social media profiles, removing any unwanted content and making them private if necessary. Build your brand image, work on your portfolio and get your name out there on the web. Now is the time to do it!

Negatively presenting yourself online could considerably diminish your chances of getting your dream job, so follow our LinkedIn guidelines to create a winning LinkedIn and other profiles that will get you noticed by the best recruiters out there. 

As you can see, there is no need to panic about the coronavirus or about the world ending (which some conspiracists may suggest!) During these periods of crisis, it's good to find the positives and one thing that we can see is that the world is becoming more and more digitally dependent and as this virus spreads and technology continues to advance, we need to prepare ourselves for the worst. Hopefully, if we prepare well enough this extra effort will help to set us up for clear success in the future. Now let's try to think positively and at the end of the day, companies are still hiring and jobs are still out there, so get out there and apply! 


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