How Much Does it Cost to Move Abroad?

How Much Does it Cost to Move Abroad?

So you've found the job of your dreams abroad? You've accepted your offer of employment and are getting ready to move abroad. But what now? How do you move your life to another country and what are the costs to consider when moving abroad? From visas to home removals, we have you covered with our list of things to consider when moving abroad.


Visa Costs When Moving Abroad

When moving abroad it is important to consider any visa costs that might ensure. These will depend on where you are moving to and what you will be doing. The United States, for example, requires a different type of visa for those working or studying in the USA.

If you are moving abroad to work, many countries will require you to get a working visa in order to find employment in that country. If you are moving to Europe before the end of December 2020, you will still have the right to live, work and study in that country as an EU citizen. However, you should apply for a work permit before that cut-off date to ensure you still have a right to work in that European country should the laws change.


Visa costs typically include a number of costs in addition to the cost of the visa itself, this might include costs to run a background check, costs for postage and more. Some countries may require you to attend an in-person interview at their embassy so you should factor in the costs of attending this interview with your costs of getting a visa.


Living Costs When Moving Abroad

When moving abroad to work or live, one of the main costs of moving is housing. You will need to ensure you have the appropriate amount of money to secure a place to live abroad and that your income, whether that be from work, savings or a pension, is enough to cover your living costs when moving abroad.


Do a bit of research before you make the move overseas to see what areas you can afford to live in. You will need to work out whether you will be buying or renting abroad and whether your home will be furnished when you arrive. If not, will you be moving your furniture abroad? How will you move your belongings abroad? Moving home abroad can contain a number of hidden costs so make sure you add these into your calculations before moving overseas.


Working out the average cost of living including things such as any taxes you would need to pay as an international citizen and the costs of utilities is a good idea when planning your move abroad, as is working out the average costs of local groceries. Will there be more or less expensive than where you currently live?


Moving Your Furniture and Belongings Abroad

Moving your furniture abroad is one of the most important and time-consuming costs of moving to another country. Overseas removals costs can vary greatly, so it is important to find an international removals specialist you trust for your move abroad.


International moving costs will vary depending on four main things:

  • The size of your move. Will you be moving your whole house abroad or just the contents of your room? Will you be travelling light and just shipping a few boxes abroad?
  • Distance. How far will you be sending your belongings overseas? The further you send your boxes, the more expensive it may be.
  • The route your shipping container will be using. If you are using a very common shipping route to send your belongings, this can bring your costs down significantly. Those moving to countries without frequent shipping may incur higher shipping costs.
  • The transport method. There are a number of ways to send your belongings overseas, from airfreight to shipping and this can affect your overseas shipping costs. If you can wait for longer for your belongings or send them ahead, this may bring down your costs.


If you are looking to move internationally cheaply, beware of any added costs your overseas removals service may add during the move abroad. To avoid added costs during moving, look for a moving service with an 'everything included' quote. This means that you will receive a single quote detailing your final cost for moving your belongings overseas. This may seem to cost more than other quotes at first glance but will work out as cheaper when other removals costs are adding in later down the line.




Additional Costs to Consider When Moving Overseas

As well as considering removals costs, living costs and visa costs when moving abroad, here are some other common costs of moving overseas you may not have considered.


Transport Costs

How will you travel to your new country? When moving abroad with family or on your own, travel will play a big factor in the moving process. Once you arrive at your chosen destination, you will need to find a way to get around. Will you be using public transport when you move overseas? If so, it is worth looking at how much it will cost and checking if you can buy a season pass to save money on your transport costs abroad.


If you are planning on driving when you move overseas, it may be worth weighing up the costs of buying a new car compared to shipping your car overseas. If you will be moving your car abroad, a number of countries will require that you have owned the vehicle for 12 months or more to avoid import taxes.


Packing and Unpacking Costs

When moving abroad, you may consider packing your own belongings to save money. However, sometimes doing this can cause delays at the border or additional charges as extra checks will need to be taken of each of your boxes as they pass through customs. 

To combat this, many people use an overseas removals service to pack their belongings who will conduct their own tests before packing to ensure a smooth customs process. Some companies charge for this service however, so it is worth including this cost within your budget for moving abroad. You should also include any customs duties and charges you may incur during the move.


If you are looking for a professional and reliable overseas removals service to help you move abroad, Anglo Pacific World Movers are here to help. Make moving abroad a breeze with quick and experienced service from start to finish, with no hidden costs. Find out more about Anglo Pacific World Movers here.


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