How to Make a Video Resume - Best Advice From a Professional

How to Make a Video Resume - Best Advice From a Professional

In modern conditions of increasing competition in the labor market, technologies for effective employment are becoming increasingly important. This is especially true when it comes to young professionals, whose competitive advantages are far from being high in the initial stage of their professional careers. And one of the most effective ways to find a job today is by using a video resume. But what is a CV in a video format? How does it work? And what does it take to create a winning video resume?


The Basics

A video resume is a short presentation video where a job seeker talks about themselves (their background, professional qualities, personal traits, experience, etc.). Although it may seem beneficial to create this kind of a presentation video, such a resume can be both a great start to your career and an absolute failure. Therefore, before rushing to create a video resume, it is important to know what it should look like and how to make a resume properly.


Why Do You Need a Video Resume?

There are many reasons why you should dedicate your time and effort to video resume production:


  • A well-prepared video will help you attract the attention of your potential employer. It is very important because in most cases, the first impression is decisive in the selection of a candidate. You will get a serious advantage over other applicants who have only a regular resume;

  • A video resume provides an excellent opportunity to show your personal and professional qualities, demonstrate your strengths, and hide your weaknesses. Your potential boss will get to know you as a specialist and as a person;

  • A video CV saves you time as you get the opportunity to bypass an interim meeting with service representatives and staff and can be invited for an interview with your direct manager. If you receive an invitation for an interview after watching your video resume, you can be sure about a great interest in your candidacy;

  • By submitting a video resume, you get the opportunity to apply for a job in a different city without the need to plan your travel and answer tough interview questions during a real conversation with the HR manager.


A video resume is especially useful for students and young specialists. The traditional resume of an inexperienced applicant can be weeded out due to the lack of work experience, while a video presentation gives an opportunity to show a potential employer one’s personal qualities and competencies, thus, landing a job offer.


How to Create a Winning Video Resume?

There are no certain standards and strict rules for the production of a video resume. Nevertheless, there are a number of recommendations that are advisable to adhere to.


  • Duration - In order not to bore an employer, your video resume should last no more than 2 minutes. Many recruiters think that one minute is enough for a candidate to introduce themselves properly;

  • Content - Instead of sharing your life story from A to Z, focus on the competencies that are important regarding the position you are applying for. Remember that a video resume is your portfolio, so make it as informative as possible. Consider in advance what skills or qualities you want to demonstrate to the employer;

  • Personalization - Show your employer that you are an open-minded person looking to find the job of your dreams. Be kind, natural, and sincere. It is better to improvise instead of reading the text off a sheet of paper. Talk to the camera as if a close friend was sitting in front of you;

  • Targeting - As with a typical resume, a video presentation should be targeted at a specific position. Do not use the same video resume for completely different vacancies. Depending on the position you are applying for, the style of your video message can be very different. Demonstrate to the employer the “fitting” personality and character traits.


Video Editing Software to Use

In order to create a winning video resume, you need to have good free video editing software at hand. In this case, you do not need to use professional video recording equipment or take a course on video production. You will easily create good videos by using special tools. And the programs listed below will do the magic for you.

#1 - ManyCam

Create a stunning animated resume with ManyCam. The program allows adding different animation effects, footage, background music, and text to produce a video resume that knocks employers’ socks off. If you wish so, you can use virtual backgrounds, create layers and presets, screencast desktop, and many more.

#2 - Movavi

It is easy to create a rejection-proof video resume in minutes with Movavi software. This video resume builder includes several standalone programs and a bunch of other extra functions that will make your work with video smooth and effective. With Movavi, not only can you make some basic video edits, but also polish your video resume like a pro. Make color adjustments, crop and rotate the video, apply an overlay, stabilize the image - you can do just about anything to make your resume look flawless.

#3 - Lumen5

The Lumen5 online video maker will help you knock interviews out of the park. The program creates impactful, engaging videos from your existing content. It lets you cut or trim all of the video clips you place on its timeline. Thus, you can remove parts of the video that you don’t want your future boss to see.

#4 - VSDC

Making a video resume with VSDC is easy. This free multimedia suite brings a whole pack of tools for video editing, fixing audio, recording voice covers, capturing desktop screens, and many more. There is a large set of trendy video effects, filters, and transitions that will make your video resume look professional and creative.


Land a Dream Job Offer

In today's competitive job market, a video resume can help you stand out from the crowd and impress recruiters. When submitting a resume online, you compete with hundreds of other qualified candidates, and only a few of them will even get interviewed. According to labor market experts, only 2% of the best candidates go through the interview stage, while 98% of applicants are sorted out during the initial selection. Adding a compelling video resume to your portfolio can help you get to the top and get an interview invitation. Of course, it needs to be done right in order to bring you success, and the above tips will make it happen.

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