How to Stay Positive After a Job Rejection

How to Stay Positive After a Job Rejection

Job rejections are increasing rapidly due to the growing competition between candidates as the number of applications submitted for the same job rises. Inevitably, for every position you apply for, there will be more well-qualified candidates being rejected, just like you. Remember job rejection is part of the process. Think of all the times you received that dream job and think of the people on the other end, that had to be rejected for you to get that job.  

Job rejection is usually seen as a sign of failure; therefore, it can be very discouraging; however, it is up to you how you respond to it. More often than not, candidates feel job rejection is embarrassing and it usually leads to loss of confidence and motivation. However, job rejection is not a sign of weakness but a sign of trying! Stop portraying it negatively, and focus on the positive of rejection motivating you to do better next time


Start dealing with rejection through thinking of these five benefits that it has:


1.    Getting rejected motivates you to do better 

It makes you evaluate yourself and question yourself, whether you did the best you could. This gives you the opportunity to reflect by reviewing and developing your prepared answers. Here are some tips on how to answer difficult interview questions. Remember each interview, makes your interview skills that little bit better. Job rejection only means you get more practice at getting your interview skills more polished. It motivates you to become a better version of yourself


2.    Job rejection improves your patience 

Every time you receive a job rejection you become more aware of the fact that finding the perfect job does not happen overnight. You become more understanding of the fact that being patient helps you to deal with rejection. It focuses you on your goal better than stressing and worrying. As they say, good things come to those who wait


3.    Not landing the job makes you grow 

Job rejection makes you into an understanding individual who respects that these type of decisions and outcomes, are not only hard for you, but also for the company and other candidates. You learn how to turn the rejection into a positive. You understand that all the preparation and research you put into the company and the field does not go to waste. You've learnt how to develop your skills in researching data and how to use the information found in your future use. These skills will be useful for your future.


4.    Job rejection teaches you to believe in yourself

Rejection can make you question yourself and your capabilities, however, it should not. People do not realise that sometimes the job rejection is nothing to do with the person not being right for the job, but simply because someone else was just as good. Everyone has different tastes, and sometimes it comes to the recruiters having their own taste in the potential candidates. It is not about you being incapable of performing the job. Sometimes it is due the other candidate having a little bit more experience in the field than you. Realise that you are good enough. You will always come across the difficulty of dealing with rejection, however, be thankful for the potential opportunity and learn from it for the future.


5.    Rejection helps you become more determined to achieve goals

Sometimes things happen for a reason. Job rejection makes you evaluate your plans and goals, questioning whether you really wanted that job. It makes you realise what you really want and it pushes you to achieve it more than ever before. Sometimes people get so focused on finding a job, that they stop looking for the job. Make sure your job applications are selective, and that you apply to companies that you really think you would fit into. Companies look for candidates that are a 100% match for them. If you are having doubts about whether the company is a 100% match for you think before applying. Applying for the wrong job at the wrong company can set you up for potential failure, or disappointment of working somewhere you do not fit. Put your time and effort into finding the dream job, where you will feel at home.


Overall, job hunting can be scary, it places you in a vulnerable situation. However, as they say, every single “no” will make that one “yes” more meaningful. Believe that the no leads to a better yes down the road. "Accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope" – Martin Luther King Jr. Without the job rejections, you will not value and appreciate when you do succeed in finding that perfect job.  By accepting the positive annotation of rejection, you learn how to overcome rejection. Remember, job rejection is a stepping stone, it helps you to turn the experience into a learning opportunity. 

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