An interview with Johannes Larsson: Journey to success

An interview with Johannes Larsson: Journey to success


As businesses from all over the world quickly transition themselves into home-based businesses, we were fortunate enough to interview Johannes Larsson, a young and successful online entrepreneur, CEO and founder on and several other online businesses. 

We interviewed Johannes about his professional achievements, experiences, dreams and aspirations, and of course, his journey to success! We hope this blog post brings you the motivation to keep reaching towards your career goals. It seems as though we could all do with some encouragement right now... 


Now, let’s hand it over to Johannes Larsson to tell us about his journey to success and how he made it as a successful online entrepreneur. 


What are your passions and how do they tie in with your career today?

I have a passion for building things. Whether it’s lego or complex systems. I use my engineering skills to make the business automated and build it in such a way that it makes us able to focus on what’s actually important. 


What professional skills are you currently working on?

Leadership has become more important for me as the team is growing, we now have around 45 people on board. It’s becoming a very high priority for me to be an inspirational leader. Believe me, it’s easier said than done, but I am determined to master it and never stop learning.


How do you achieve a good work-life balance?

First, I strongly believe that you don’t need to care too much about the balance as long as you love what you do. But of course, you do need other activities that let your mind rest from business as well. 

Secondly, although it may sound oversimplified, I just try to listen to myself. Some days I’m in a work mode, can sit 16 hours straight, get a lot done, and feel great and energetic after the day has passed. Other days, I don’t feel like working for more than an hour or two. Then I just do that. Do what you feel like (but be real with yourself and don’t allow pure laziness to take over).


What would you regard as your biggest achievement in your career so far?

The thing that I’m most happy for and helped my company to grow like crazy, is inventing a profit share system where everyone in the team gets a fair share of their markets.

This has created very motivated individuals who have essentially become more skilled than me, and grow faster than any other regular employee. 

Also, I have multiplied the revenue in my business by 10x for 2 years in a row.


What has helped motivate you to reach where you are today?

In short, what motivates me is growth (preferably slow) and freedom.

I’m a pretty good self-motivator and believe it has played an important part in my success. You need to be good at motivating yourself. Reminding yourself of your goals. Being completely optimistic that you’re gonna get there, but pessimistic about how much work you have to do.

I would recommend spending time listening to people who have accomplished what you want to do whenever you’re feeling a lack of motivation. You need to get a reminder that it’s actually possible to achieve it.


What advice would you give to people who are thinking of becoming an entrepreneur right now?

A common reason why people don’t actualize their dreams of becoming an entrepreneur is simply that they don’t know where to start. There is no right place to start. The important thing is that you do something. You might fail, but that something will lead to something else, and sooner than you know, you found that thing that worked.


Who would you say is an influential figure to you?

There are too many to be mentioned, but I love Tai Lopez, Grant Cardone, and Ed Mylett.

How do you stay productive working from home? 

I believe most entrepreneurs don’t really have a problem staying productive, because as long as you’re doing what you like, it should come naturally.

If you’re not productive, you should consider if you’re doing the right thing in the first place. If you think you are, then focus on developing self-discipline.


What’s your definition of success, and do you believe you’ve achieved it yet? 

My definition is very simple: when you’re spending your days the way you want to spend your days, then you’re successful.

I have absolutely achieved it.


What advice would you give to other young entrepreneurs? 

Just start. Don’t play the waiting game.


What does being a young entrepreneur mean to you? 

It means I can live the life I want from the start and not having to spend the best part of my life doing something I don’t enjoy.

It means I can have the impact I want to have in the world already from a young age.


What are your top 3 success tips for young entrepreneurs? 

1. Do a lot of micro experiments in your life. The best way to know what works in business is to experiment (don’t let them go on for too long though).

2. Focus on providing value instead of making money. This means becoming really good at something specific, where most people can’t compete with you.

3. Don’t neglect any part of your life. Health and happiness can’t come second just because you’re focused on your business. Long term you’ll create more wealth if you can get this right.


We hope that from reading about Johannes's professional journey, you feel inspired to continue working towards your goals and aspirations. It's rather refreshing to hear success stories like Johannes's, especially during these uncertain times. As long as you have the right mentality, drive, and motivation you can start working towards your goals today. If you are interested in finding out more about Johannes Larsson and his online entrepreneur business, head over to his website.