SlavConf. Enlightenment – Europe’s First Conference for Business in Culture, Humanities & Arts

SlavConf. Enlightenment – Europe’s First Conference for Business in Culture, Humanities & Arts


SlavConf. Enlightenment is the third international conference on career and creative development. The first of its kind in Europe for business in the fields of culture, humanities and arts.


The event will be held on 25 – 26 October 2019 at the Aula Magna of Sofia University (Bulgaria). The event is free to attend. The announced speakers are from Bulgaria, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, etc. Half of the agenda will be in Bulgarian, the other half will be in English. Sofia Investment Agency is an institutional partner of the Conference.


Join the conversation about student employability, career and creative development. This is your chance to learn key information from the following panel: 

  • Business Communication

  • Writers

  • Cinema

  • Media

  • Managers


The main focus is on developing youth and facilitating communication and job opportunities in the contemporary prism of the humanities, culture, art and business. The event promotes internships and works opportunities in the areas that do not have their own forum.



SlavConf. is a series of events and initiatives, which unite people with interests in culture, humanities, arts and business. It was founded by Atanas Neychev and Lilia Ivanova back in May 2017. The events create a community of creative people who are looking to develop their abilities and find a job, an internship or a business partner. The International conference is held annually and aims at introducing the community to companies, institutions and business executives. The themes of the lectures and the panels are related to the career and the creative development through the contemporary prism of the humanities and the arts. The event is aimed at students (high school, undergraduates, postgraduates, PhDs), educators, organizations, managers and faculty members. The connections of the humanities with arts, business, innovation and technology are included as subtopics.


The main objectives of the event are: 

  • to maintain the connection between university and business; 

  • the development of culture and innovation; 

  • increasing job and internship opportunities for students and youth; 

  • to justify the basics of business links management activities;

  • to empower the desire for creating. 


Interested in getting involved? 

The event is free and the registration process is simple:

General registration:

Call for Volunteers –

Media/Bloggers/Vloggers/Partners –


Visitors –

If you have any more questions about the event or about getting involved, head over to the Slavconf website. 

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