Top 4 Ways You Can Learn English at Home

Top 4 Ways You Can Learn English at Home

There are plenty of ways to learn and improve your skills nowadays. You don’t even have to go out of your house to do such things. You can learn a second language and polish your communication skills inside the comfort of your home.

You can study English at home at your own pace and time. That’s one of the advantages of doing it, including choosing the best learning approach according to your skill level. You won’t be stuck with just the traditional options, and you can explore and try new things.

Solo-studying may be different, but with the right attitude, you can still yield great results. Start by choosing which resources you think you can learn best. This article can help you out with that as it tackles ways you can learn English at home.


Enroll in online classes

You can still enroll in classes even when you’re at home. There are plenty of established and up-and-coming English as a second language (ESL) organizations out there. They’ll assign you with their best online English tutor that they hired and trained themselves.

By enrolling in online English classes, you can have all the benefits of school-style learning without going to a classroom. Besides that, it’s also often more affordable upfront than traditional English conversation schools. You also stand to gain savings from not needing to travel to a learning venue.

All you need to have is a device where you can do video conferencing, and it doesn’t have to be a computer. Now you can use smart devices like tablets to attend online classes and participate in lectures and activities online. You’ll also get to meet educators and other learners with different cultural backgrounds and learn from them as well.


Read English books and other forms of literature

If you’re a bookworm or want to get into reading, English books are also an effective way of learning the language at home. There’s tons of literature that you can read to improve your vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. Resources are also available everywhere, so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

If you don’t have a book to read, you can always purchase one online and have it delivered to your doorstep. You can also resort to purchasing e-books, a soft copy of a book, and read it on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can purchase those from apps like Kindle, Amazon’s e-reader store.

You also don’t have to be limited to textbooks alone. You can also learn English by reading novels, biographies, magazines, and comic books. Some books even translate your native language into English, which helps improve your grammar and conversational vocabulary.


Keep a journal or a blog in English 

Another way of learning English is by writing a journal or blog. This way, you can practice your sentence construction well. Putting your thoughts and ideas into writing helps develop your confidence in speaking and gauges your current skill level.

Even English teachers use this as a way to hone their students’ language skills. The key is to write as frequently as you can in English. The more you write, the more it helps your communication skills.

Writing in English will force you to think without feeling the pressure of another person waiting for you to speak. When you talk to a native English speaker or someone proficient in that language, you tend to be pressured to reply. In writing, you’re mostly putting your thoughts into words, and you don’t have to worry about keeping a conversation going.


Listen to the radio, an audiobook, or a podcast

Auditory senses have always been used in teaching, especially with language. You can memorize a song by frequently listening to it on the radio. In that same principle, you can learn English by listening to English speakers.

You can listen to English radio programs, may it be the news on an AM station or a variety show on an FM station. You can pick up words and phrases and add them to your vocabulary, then polish your grammar. If you don’t own a radio, you can always listen online via radio streaming websites.

If you like music, you can use music streaming services to learn English as well. They have features where you can read the lyrics while listening to songs. You can sing along with the music while reading the lyrics on the device you use. Some music streaming platforms provide free trials before deciding if you want to pay for a subscription.

You can also purchase audiobooks and listen to them to learn English. You can also opt to listen to podcasts, which can be entertaining and are widely available across different audio streaming platforms.



These are some of the best ways to learn English at home based on how you think you learn best. With these different options, you can learn the language at your own pace and the method you prefer. You can take your sweet time to learn the universal language and hone your skills with the flexibility that doing it at home provides.


Author's bio: Angelo Castelda is a freelance writer from Asia. Besides writing, he also spends his time traveling and learning about diverse cultures, which opened his heart more to learning and imparting knowledge about ESL.


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