Learn New Career Skills During The Coronavirus Lockdown

Learn New Career Skills During The Coronavirus Lockdown


Due to the severe spread of COVID-19, people from all over the world have been forced to stay inside their homes. With so much uncertainty about when you will be able to properly leave the house again, you may find yourself thinking "What am I going to do with myself?!"  Whether you are watching the news on repeat, worrying about what's to come or even scrolling through social media only to find coronavirus-related memes and posts, there are lots of other things you can do to turn your attention elsewhere and to make yourself more employable during the coronavirus lockdown


With access to so many resources at your fingertips; webinars, workshops and even online universities and schools, you can dedicate valuable time to learning new career skills from home! 


Join Webinars 


Webinars are a great resource for learning new career skills from the comfort of your own home and pretty much anywhere in the world! All you need is your laptop or phone and you are ready to learn. With no one by your side to distract you, webinars can be an extremely effective way of learning. And as they are usually led by inspirational speakers and thought-leaders, webinars also offer you the opportunity to ask questions directly to the experts, gaining valuable insight and knowledge that you can apply to your own career or job search.


Organisations hosting webinars right now:


Career Contessa 

Hubspot Webinars 

Career Confidential 


Start an Online Course


With COVID-19 keeping you at home, you now have the time to start learning new career skills by completing free courses online. With so much uncertainty in the world, perhaps now is the time to start learning a completely new skill that could benefit your career and of course, give your CV that boost. Not to mention, with so many companies are giving away discounts and freebies to help you get through this period of quarantine, NOW is the time to get started

If you’re not entirely sure which skills to focus on first, start with the skills that you’re lacking or something you have thought about learning before. You may not have this much time on your hands for a long while, so make the most of it while you can! 


Companies offering free online courses right now: 






Attend Virtual Events


Virtual events are something that Europe Language Jobs sees a lot of value in and as a company we like to host these virtual events for the benefit of our candidates (you guys!). With the ability to attend the events from wherever you may be in the world and the fun and engaging style of learning - what's not to love! Of course, there are different styles of events from different companies all over the globe; some content-based and others with the purpose of networking. If you are attending a virtual event to build your professional network, make sure that you tidy up your social media beforehand and promote your attendance through hashtags and other marketing material. You can also have a look through the list of attendees to familiarise yourself with who you will be speaking to and prepare any questions that you may have to them directly!


Companies offering free virtual events:


Europe Language Jobs


Adobe Summit


Learn a new language online


By learning a language, you can give your CV a significant boost and stand out against other candidates. As they say, there's no time like the present (literally) so it's time to start! Depending on your native language, some languages will be easier to learn than others, but regardless of how easy or difficult it will be, the thing that matters the most is how much it will benefit your future career. Languages such as German, Spanish, Dutch and others, are extremely valuable when it comes to looking for a job. There are lots of different language learning apps and platforms that offer different learning styles and techniques so have a look today and see what you can find to suit your learning style and your schedule. 


Online learning platforms that offer free courses and trials right now:




Open Culture


Why You Need To Learn New Career Skills 


This period of lockdown is by far the best time to update your resume and learn new career skills that will benefit your career. The things that you learn at home now, will help you become better at what you do and to come out of quarantine as a new and improved professional! When we are finally allowed to go back to our normal lives, you’ll be able to show off these new skills for a promotion, a raise or even a career change. If you are looking for a job right now, there are lots of remote jobs worth applying for too! So - do your best to be proactive and to make the most out of this tough time for your career and your personal development.