Learning Italian with Busuu
learn italian with busuu

Learning Italian with Busuu


Gaby has been one week learning Italian with Busuu  (have you seen her introduction video?) here's her testimonial: 

I have been using Busuu for a week now and the app is really easy to use and to follow. 
The lessons have started in Beginner A1, and it includes personal pronouns, greetings, feelings etc.


I find the activities very interactive and comprehensive, they involve listening activities, rearranging letters in words and finding the right word to complete the sentence. 


 After having a look through the app I noticed that it gives their users their option to move around levels. It also encourages you to correct other users work in case you have a knowledge in the language they are learning.

It’s important for the person learning the language to be diligent and constantly remind themselves to use the app and that is what I find more difficult at the moment. Nevertheless, I am having an overall positive experience as a language learner with its interactive activities and also as a user because it’s easy to use and straightforward.


Oct 15, 2015 by The ELJ Team

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Will definitely try this out! Thanks for the advice

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