learning spanish with lingualia

Learning Spanish with Lingualia


Michael has been one week learning Spanish with Lingualia (have you seen his introduction video?) here's his testimonial: 

Last week I started learning Spanish with Lingulia. It is a recently developed language learning application that is available in English and Spanish. Lingualia claims that they “are set on creating a world in which everyone speaks different languages and where we can forget about outdated, expensive, boring language learning techniques. Our dream has been to design a new system that automatically personalizes every learning experience to meet the needs of each individual student.”

My experience with Lingualia has been mixed. I like the layout and the interactive elements of the app. However, the exercises have a broad range of difficulty during the first level. Some of the lessons I found extremely easy, while others were rather difficult. I suppose this allows the system to judge my level of Spanish before continuing to the next phase of the “learning experience.” 

I have tried other language learning apps such as Duolingo and SpeakTribe Spanish, and they are quite similar to a certain extent. I found that Lingualia keeps you on your toes. There is less repetition, so if you are a beginner like me, you may have to do some research or take an educated guess every now and then when using the app.

Overall, I like Lingualia. Each time I use it, I learn something new. However, I have experienced some technical issues with the app. I am not sure if my phone’s fault or the app, but something is not quite right. If you want to start learning Spanish, I would recommend Lingulia. It is free and it teaches you the basics.


Oct 16, 2015 by The ELJ Team

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