The most in-demand jobs during the coronavirus crisis

The most in-demand jobs during the coronavirus crisis

The recent coronavirus crisis may have caused you to feel unmotivated in your job search, but we’re here to tell you to keep going! You may have heard that many companies have put their hiring on hold during these uncertain times, industries such as hospitality, travel, and tourism, etc. But on the other hand, the demand for some industries is growing at an exhilarating pace. 


It’s safe to say that COVID-19 has stimulated a global work-from-home experiment, but this doesn’t mean that the world is on standby, it means that businesses all over the world are learning to operate remotely, adjusting their business models and environments to adapt to the current coronavirus crisis. 


As a job board, we are seeing some interesting patterns and changes in world employment and although these changes may not last for eternity, it's certainly eye-opening to see that where there are significant unemployment spikes in some sectors, other sectors are emerging faster than ever. It’s safe to say, we are experiencing a very interesting time, a time that will go down in history. 


It’s time to resume your job search and discover the most in-demand jobs during the coronavirus crisis. 


It’s normal to feel unmotivated with all that's going on with the Coronavirus outbreak. Just like in any bad situation, there are positive things that you can take away from these situations. Especially those of you who were considering a change of career, although it might sound crazy, perhaps now is the time! 


The 5 most in-demand jobs right now:


1. Customer Service roles


With lots of different countries entering lockdown mode and lots more people spending time at home, the demand for digital services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are increasing rapidly, including delivery services such as Deliveroo, Ubereats, etc.  As you can imagine this surge brings a high command for customer service agents, it’s good to know that these customer service roles remain the most in-demand jobs. 


Customer Service Job Offers


2. Remote jobs


As people all over the world become remote workers, it’s clear to see how many jobs can be done remotely. The list of jobs that can be done from the comfort of your own home is endless; from web developers, recruiters, sales agents, content writers, marketers and more. So it’s important to consider this for your job search, companies still need employees during the coronavirus crisis and if you work in a job that can be done from home, nothing is stopping you from checking out the remote opportunities that are available right now. For companies reading this section, the cost to hire erlang engineer depends on the country. Make sure to be acquainted with the region and expectations in this field. 


Remote Job Offers 


3. Data Analysts


Considering the severity of COVID-19 and how fast it appears to be spreading, companies from all over the world are hiring Data Analysts to investigate the spread and other factors of the virus. The demand for data analysts is also increasing as people from all over the globe require immediate information about what is going on, how it will affect sales, different markets, etc. This is a great career to consider for those of you who have a key interest in all things analytics and data. 


Data Analyst Job Offers


4. Driver Jobs


Delivery drivers are working extremely hard as the lockdown obliges people to stay at home and avoid as many unnecessary trips as possible. The removals industry has also been busy, with people making the most of the temporary stamp duty cut on housing in the UK. Just now, the online removals portal Shift Online is currently looking for new drivers to help provide deliveries and removals. You could be transporting anything from sofas to pianos, to office furniture, to waste and more, helping people with their removals and to go about their business as normally as lockdown will allow.

Note that you’ll still have to take safety precautions to help prevent the spread of the virus, but if you’re looking for a job just now, a driving job is a viable option taking into account the optimized work they can do with delivery route planner apps.


Delivery Drivers Jobs



5. Health care specialists 


Health care specialists are by far the most in-demand jobs right now, those who are working hard to fight the spread of the COVID-19. Healthcare companies from all over the world have urged retired and ex-health care workers to return to work again, utilizing innovative tools like med spa software to streamline patient management and optimize care delivery. Not to mention the other health care related roles such as helplines, health care advisors, and other support based roles.


Medical Job Offers

The list of in-demand jobs during the coronavirus crisis does not stop there, there are companies all over Europe still hiring. Although some industries and markets may have been affected negatively, there are still jobs out there, with some industries even thriving. Our advice is to use this quieter period to work on your job search tools to become more employable and keep going. If everyone else has put their job search on hold, then use this to your advantage and get ahead of the competition.