Office behaviour and etiquette around the world

Office Behaviour and Etiquette Around the World

Heading off to work abroad is undoubtedly exciting. You get to meet new people, experience life in a different country and put your language skills to good use – as well as gaining new ones of course! But one thing you might not have considered before you go is how the working day itself varies from country to country.

For example, did you know that:

  • In China and Mexico, the working day is 10 hours long?
  • In France, lunches can often run to two hours (and often include a glass or two of wine)?
  • In Japan, taking a day off sick is seen as disrespectful to your colleagues?

Whitefields Document Storage have done some research and put together an infographic showing how the working day and office rituals differ in several countries around the world. 

So, whether you’re off to work in Italy (don’t forget to grab an espresso on the way to work!) or India (expect a 2-hour commute), you’ll know exactly what to expect from your working day.


Office Behaviour and Etiquette Around the World

Infographic courtesy of 


Office Behaviour and Etiquette Around the World




Dec 12, 2017 by Matt

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Very interesting.

posted 2 weeks ago by Snežana

...Siestas are not a thing in Mexico, that's Spain. Just saying.

posted 1 year ago by Víctor

Nice to see the differences!

posted 1 year ago by ROBERTO

Its great I am also fond of traveling and working together!

posted 1 year ago by Nadia

europe language jobs default image

I'm really glad I've come across this blog. Thanks for all the interesting insight you are providing!

posted 1 year ago by anonymous

Interesting article. Sometimes we forget about these differences while considering a job position.

posted 1 year ago by Renata

I recently graduated and would very much like to work in Europe. This post was really nice and gave good tips for picking a country to work.

posted 1 year ago by Henrique

Great. Learning about the customs and rituals of work around the world, allows us to have a broader vision of the future that awaits us, to those who tirelessly seek the opportunity to live and work in another country, to grow personally, professionally, but mainly, culturally.

posted 1 year ago by Hilnie


posted 1 year ago by Reynaldo

Nice article! I was always interested to know how people work in other countries. It's very interesting to compare it with my own.

posted 1 year ago by Ilya


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