Become the Perfect Candidate!

Become the Perfect Candidate!

To help you get that little bit further in your job search, it’s paramount that your ELJ profile is as impressive as it can be in order to get that five-star rating. First and foremost, all sections on your profile should preferably be completed and up-to-date. After all, no employer is going to bother looking at a profile that either doesn’t have a CV attached or the sections properly filled in.

The more information you can tell them through your cover letter, language skills, work experience, and education, the more likely they are going to pay attention to your profile and consider you in their list of finalists. It’s your opportunity to shine and tell them all the amazing things you have done!

Here’s a checklist to help you put the ‘did’ in a candidate:

Photo ­­

The job application process nowadays is becoming increasingly personalized. Submit a nice and professional-looking photo of yourself so that the company can know you even better! It’s worth, however, being aware of the norm in the country you’re applying in. In the UK, for example, it is not a good idea to include a photo. 


Cover letter 

Your cover letter is your chance to give your ELJ profile a personal touch and tell the company interested in you something unique about yourself that will make you stand out from the rest of the candidates. Avoid repetition of your CV, as this shows a lack of originality and tells them nothing new and exciting about you, which could ultimately be the make or break of getting the job.

Some important rules to stick to:

  • Give it some personality
  • Always have a strong opening line stating why you are the right candidate
  • Use a formal and business-like writing style – keep it professional!
  • Include accomplishments from your previous work experience
  • Highlight your strong points
  • Tell them when you are available to start working
  • Keep it under a page long
  • Always do a spelling and grammar check at the end
  • Be enthusiastic!


My Languages 

Perhaps this is one of the most basic sections of your profile, but still very important! You should include all the languages that you speak, no matter the level (basic, advanced, intermediate, proficiency, mother tongue). If you don’t specify the language and level at which you can speak, read and write it, your chances of finding the job you want may not be as strong as if you did and your profile will be less complete. It will also help us when we send you emails about job offers that match the information you have put on your profile!


My Experience 

This section will include a history of all the work experience you have had to date.  This is an extremely important section of your profile since it gives you the opportunity to write about the positions you have previously filled with a short description of each. The employer will want to know more about the tasks you carried out and responsibilities you were given so that they can imagine the type of worker you are and how you would fit into their company.

  •    Keep it short and punchy – if it’s too long-winded they won’t want to continue reading
  •    Highlight any particular software programs you are able to use – the more IT competent you are the better!
  •    Include the tasks/responsibilities you had and what you were able to achieve with them


My Education & Training 

The more concrete information you can give about your education/ training and when you completed them, the better it will be for the employer to see that you are qualified for the position. 


Job Preferences

Letting us know in which position you have previously worked and would like to work in the future will help us when it comes to sending you emails about which job offers the best match your preferences. Furthermore, it also makes it easier for companies to find the right candidate for the position! You should also specify whether you are looking to relocate or not and where since this will be a defining factor on whether you are the right person for the job.

A tailored mix with both good quality and quantity of accurate and detailed information about yourself and your background will help you to achieve an attractive five-star profile.

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