Recruiting during COVID-19: how we adapted

Recruiting during COVID-19: how we adapted


Due to the dramatic spread of COVID-19, the Europe Language Jobs team have been working remotely since March 16th and although we have temporarily transformed into a remote business, we are still operating as normal. We are happy to help new and existing clients and candidates as much as we possibly can.  



Job searching during COVID-19 outbreak


With some countries in strict lockdown, we have been closely focusing on sourcing remote opportunities for our candidates from new and existing clients. We know that our candidates are still active and looking for work so we took it upon ourselves to discuss more flexible ways of working with our clients such as the possibility to make existing job positions remote and to source new work from home opportunities.


We have also been taking the focus away from relocation by sending our candidates new job listings within their current location to help them with their job search during this challenging time. 


In-demand jobs during coronavirus outbreak


As a job board, we are able to take a close look at the job market and provide our candidates with the most in-demand jobs during COVID-19. To help our candidates, we decided to focus on the industries that are still booming despite the outbreak of COVID-19. Industries such as Customer Service and other work from home opportunities. It is in our very best interest to help our candidates find a job during this difficult time and for this reason, we encourage new and existing candidates to keep applying! 


Changes to hiring during coronavirus


As you can imagine, there have been a lot of changes to the recruitment process of our own company and the companies we work with. We have noticed that some companies are hiring through remote interviews and other remote practices. Whereas ourselves and other companies have put hiring on hold for now. Either way, please don’t be discouraged, if the job advert is on our job board, then we encourage new and existing candidates to apply! Just please bear in mind that hiring processes will take longer than usual. 

To help our candidates through this challenging time, we also researched and produced relevant content to help them with their job search. We provided tips for finding remote work and introduced ways to make themselves more employable during the lockdown. 



We are still taking on new business


We have adapted our job advertisements and packages to help companies with their recruitment needs during this difficult time. Our account managers are here to listen to any requirements and to find the best possible solution for each company right now. 


We are supporting our clients through this difficult time


As a job board, we understand how the recruitment industry has been affected by COVID-19. To help we have been working on new campaigns for the companies that are advertising on our job board. We have already implemented the following 2 campaigns: 


1. Extended job listings

With so much uncertainty about how long the effects of COVID-19 will last, we immediately extended our job listings by 2 weeks in March at no extra cost. We knew how beneficial this immediate free extension would be for our clients during these uncertain times and how they could all benefit from extra hiring time!


And as the lockdown in different countries continues to be extended, we made a further decision to extend all of our listings for the duration of the current quarantine. 


2. Free job credit for new clients

We are giving 1 free job credit to any new companies that register on our job board. By giving one credit for free, we hope to support our new clients by helping them to save on hiring costs. 


We are offering increased support


We are here to help! You can still reach us through our usual contact number: +442034115167 

Our account managers have access to their phone lines from home, which means you can still get in touch with them as normal. If you prefer to contact via email, you can do so by emailing us at [email protected] 


We are happy to help 


At Europe Language Jobs, we are proud to help our clients and candidates during this difficult time. And as a company, we will continue to search for new ways to adapt to the current situation. We want you all to know that we are here to help and that we will keep providing the highest level of support to our employees, clients and candidates. 


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our team is ready to help you with your recruitment needs. And please remember, stay safe!