Welcome to our relocation guide to Portugal, brought to you by Webhelp, the European leader in customer experience and business solutions! Today we would love to share with you all the great reasons why you should consider relocating to Portugal for both personal and professional development with an outstanding company like Webhelp! You can expect to get to know Webhelp as a business and employer and to receive some guidance on relocating to Portugal - a place offering unbelievable opportunities to grow your career whilst enjoying a simply wonderful lifestyle. So, let’s get on with it!


Webhelp Portugal – Think Human

We’ll begin by telling you a bit more about Webhelp! Webhelp Portugal has a vision of “making business more human”. It is rooted in Webhelp’s existing company culture, as well as in the role enterprises play in society and consumers’ increasing eagerness to forge strong emotional connections with the brands they know and trust. At Webhelp, the unique corporate culture ensures that people are always placed at the heart of the matter, whatever the task at hand. 

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Moving to Portugal

Now that you know there are exciting career opportunities waiting for you at Webhelp, why don’t we take a look at the perks and top tips regarding your next move - relocating to Portugal!

Portugal is a hot destination for expats and adventure seekers. With its balmy warm climate, amazing food, fascinating history, and expanding job market, it’s not difficult to see why working there is becoming such a popular choice amongst people looking to take on new career prospects. Moving to a new country can be daunting, but our relocation guide will tell you everything you need to know.

Webhelp Portugal is a world leader in customer relations management - boasting three offices in the beautiful cities of Lisbon, Oeiras, and Braga - so it’s hardly surprising we chose to team up with the company. They certainly know a thing or two about the requirements for breaking into the local job market and can offer you some valuable insights into the Portuguese world of work.

If you already feel excited about joining their team in Portugal, we are happy to tell you that they are currently looking for new multilingual employees to work with some of Europe's biggest brands.

Working in Portugal

Despite the current worldwide circumstances due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Portugal is still creating a lot of great new opportunities for multilingual speakers. Sectors such as Information and Technology, Retail, Finance, and Customer Service are consistently hiring in Portugal.

Companies are also very welcoming and accustomed to assisting foreign employees.  At Webhelp Portugal, for example, you will be offered a generous relocation package, including a shared accommodation for 6 months, with a very affordable monthly payment of a rental fee, and a welcome buddy to help you settle in. They also reimburse your plane ticket